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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyung Jun shares about his showcase

Huge thanks to OnlyJun for translating it. ^^ I see SaengKyuJun once again together on stage. ^^ Happy happy~!!!!! ^^


[Message / Eng Trans] This is Hyung Jun who visits after a long time!!

*Note: Actually, I’m not sure if this is written by Hyung Jun although it is supposed to be Hyung Jun’s writing. And there are several “borrowed” words used, i.e., english words written in Korean, so here and there, the sentences doesnt flow well when translated back to English, Sorry!

Published on 10 July 2012

Source: http://hyungjun.spluscompany.co.kr/page/sub_blogview.asp?page=1

안녕하세요~ 오랜만에 인사드리는 김형준 입니다.
Hello~ This is Hyung Jun who is greeting you after a long time.

오늘은 저의 두 번째 솔로앨범 쇼케이스를 하는 날이에요~
Today is the day for the showcase of my second solo album~
오랜만에 서는 무대에 설레어서 그런지 어제 잠도 못잤답니다.
The thought of not standing on stage for a long time made me not able to sleep yesterday.

오래 기다린 무대인 만큼 오늘 저의 에너지 게이지를 대방출하겠습니다.
Because of the long wait, I will put in all my energy for a grand opening today.

그럼 저의 쇼케이스 현장으로 위윌고~~!!
Well then, to the scenes of my showcase, we will go~~!!

비가 부슬부슬 내리는 금요일에도 많은 팬분들이 한걸음에 달려와 주셨어요.
Although it was drizzling on friday, many fans still came running in a heartbeat.
공연장을 가득 채운 팬 여러분들의 응원에 힘입어 열정적인 무대 채울 준비 완료!!
Thanks to all the fans who filled the theater and their enthusiastic cheers, all the stage preparations are completed!!

사무치게 그리웠던 무대와 팬 여러분들을 향해 저 형준이가 나갑니다.
Towards the dearly missed stage and all fans, I, Hyung Jun stepped out.
한숨대신 함성으로, 걱정대신 열정으로, 포기 대신 죽기 살기로!! 저는 용감한 형준이니까요~
Instead of sighing there is cheers, instead of worries, there is excitement, instead of giving up, it is a do-or-die!! Because I’m the brave Hyung Jun~

남성미에 섹시함을 더한 블랙 카리스마 안무에 주목해주세요.
With musculinity, sexiness, in addition to black charisma, give me your attention on the stage.
세련된 슈트에 매탈 액세서리로 포인트를 준 퓨처리즘 의상까지!!
The point about the metal accessories on the sophoiscated suit is to give a futurism feel to the costume!!
머리끝에서 발끝까지 진정한 남자가 되기 위해 노력했답니다. 하하
From head to toe, tried hard to be like a real man. Haha

저의 멋진 퍼포먼스(?)^^와 여심녹이는 모습에 눈이 부시다면
Sorry I””m sorry~~~ baby I””m sorry ^^

My great performance (?)^^ If the girls’ hearts are melted and eyes are dazzled by my looks
Sorry I””m sorry~~~ baby I””m sorry ^^

제 옆에 있는 분은 누구일까요?
Who is this person who is beside me?
요즘 MC계에 혜성처럼 떠오르는 최군씨입니다.
Recently in the MC field, rising to sudden prominence, Mr Choi Gun.

믿기지 않으시겠지만 저랑 최군씨는 동갑이라는 사실~ 친구야 반갑다!!
I know you do not believe, but it is a fact thatChoi Gun and I are of the same age~ My friend nice to meet you!!
앞으로 환상의 짝궁이 될 것 같은 느낌이 들지 않나요?
Have a hunch he wouldn’t want to be my fantasy’s partner anymore in the future?

지금 저희가 뭘 하는거냐구요? 최군씨가 저에게 작업을..(?)
Now what are we doing? Choi Gun is asking me to do..(?)
임성 좋은 우리~ 전화번호도 등록하고 카톡 친구도 맺고~
We are sociable~ Register (meaning exchanging) phone number and become kakaotalk friends~ (katok – short form for kakaotalk)

진정한 남자의 상징! 불끈불끈 팔근육~ 한 번 비교해볼까요?
The represenation of a real man! Flexing flexing arm muscles~ Should we have one round of competition?

누구 근육이 더 멋진가요?? 그래도 제 근육이 조금 더 멋있지 않나요?^^
Whose muscles look better?? Even so my muscles recently have become greater look, aint they? ^^

이제 형준이의 앳딘 모습은 잊어주세요~
Now please forget Hyung Jun’s 앳딘 (weak?) image~

근육으로 단단해진 저의 팔근육은 왠지 멋진 남자의 상징 같아요~
Toughening up my muscles. My arm muscles somehow seems to become a representation of a cool man~

제 쇼케이스를 위해 한걸음에 달려와 응원해준 영생 형이랑 규종이 덕분에 신나신나요~
For my showcase, Young Saeng hyung and Kyu Jong came running in a heartbeat to give support. Was really excited because of that~
우리멤버들 더 멋있어 지지 않았나요? 역시 가족처럼 든든한 나의 천사들!!
Our members have become more handsome didn’t they? Indeed just like family, they are my reliable angels!!
멤버들의 축하와 응원은 천군마마를 얻은 것보다 더 뿌듯합니다.
I feel greater receiving members’ blessings and support than that of Her Majesty’s.

팬 분들에게도 깜짝 선물이 되었겠죠!!
It is also a surprise present for the fans right!!

와~ 이 사진 멋지네요!!
Wa~ This photo is cool!!

뮤지컬 한 장면 같기도 하고 환상적인 광채가 났다는 후문이 있더라구요~ ㅋㅋ
Seems like a scene from a musical and fantastic brillance illuminating a back door~ ke ke

여러분들의 마음을 사로잡기 위해 저의 한 컷 준비했습니다.
In order to capture the hearts of everyone I have prepared one cut.

노래할 때는 진지하게~
Serious when singing~

해외에서도 제 쇼케이스를 위해 이렇게 많이 찾아와 주셨어요.
Many also came from overseas for my showcase.

먼곳에서도 이렇게 찾아와주셔서 늘 응원 보내주시는 팬 여러분들은
From so far away and coming here to send your support, all of you fans are

정말 형준이의 ””my girl”” 사랑합니다~
really Hyung Jun’s “”"my girl”"” I love you

감정을 힘껏 실어 달콤한 목소리를 담아내 보려고 노력했는데 어떠셨나요?
Filling up with emotions and trying hard to translate them to sweet voices. How was it?

저의 두 번째 솔로앨범 수록곡 ””잘못 걸었어””를 작사해준 고마운 ””JQ형””과 함께하는 멋진 무대~
The cool stage with “JQ hyung” whom I’m thankful towards and who is the song writer of my second solo album song “Dialed the wrong number”~

평소엔 장난도 많이 치지만 무대에선 진지한
Although I usually like to be mischevious, on stage, but on stage I’m serious

사나이들로 변신!!
Transformation into a man!!

저의 타이틀 곡 Sorry I””m Sorry 뮤직비디오 드라마 버전을 공개하는 자리도 가졌습니다.
My title track Sorry I’m Sorry Music Video drama version also was also revealed.

강지환, 이기우 선배님의 연기는 다시 봐도 명품~ 닮고 싶습니다.
Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Ki Woo sunbaenim’s acting skills are masterpieces even watching again~ Wish to be like them.

그리고 함께 해주셔서 감사합니다.
And also, thank you for working together.

무대에서 제 사진을 보니 어색하고 부끄럽네요~ 그렇지만 이 사진은 제가 봐도 정말 good!!
Looking at my own photos on stage, I feel awkward and embarrassed~ Despite this, when I look at this photo, (I feel) its really good!!

아쉽지만 여기에서 마지막 인사를 드립니다~
Although it’s a pity, I have to give my last greeting~

저의 솔로 2집 앨범 궁금하시죠?
You are curious about my second solo album right?

팬 여러분들이 오래 기다려주신 만큼 최고의 무대로 보답할게요!
I will give the best stage to repay fans’ long wait!

앞으로 형준이의 카멜레온 같은 모습 지켜봐 주시구요.
In the future please look out for Hyung Jun’s chameleon-like appearances.

무한 관심과 사랑으로 꼬옥 챙겨주셔야 해요!!
Please show your infinite attention and love!!

전 여러분의 사랑을 먹고 자라는 형준이니까요!! 그럼 다음에 또 만나요. 안녕~
Because I’m Hyung Jun who eat and grow up with everyone’s love!! Well then, let’s meet up next time again! Bye~

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