Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[Eng Translation] Kim Kyu Jong Message shared by B2M Entertainment 07.19.12

This was shared today by B2M Entertainment and was translated by superstarsubs. I feel the sadness again of him going to the army. Why does 2 years takes too long? T_T Kyu Jong really knows how to makes all Triple S happy. He deserves to be called Triple S President.

English Translation:

Hello, this is Kim Kyu Jong. Yeah, is this yet another awkward greeting? Anyway, we, SS501, debuted in the year 2005, and now it is already the year 2012, it is a really long time, a long time has passed. I'll be leaving everyone's side for a while. Because I'll be enlisting soon, we'll have to spend the next 2 years apart, for a while. It has been 7, 8 years since we've met so I think that 2 years is considered a short time in comparison. Everyone, always stay healthy and happy. Also, I've released an album this time round, an album titled "Meet Me Again", so I hope you'll have a great time while listening to the album. In the time that I'm in the army, our members will be actively promoting so please show them lots of support. I sincerely wish that only good things will fill up your life. Then, I'll be greeting everyone often. This has been Kim Kyu Jong and 2 years later,
 SS501's Kim Kyu Jong will return.

credits: b2mkjofficial@yt + superstarsubs (Enlgish Translation)

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