Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heo Young Saeng's cut in KBS 'Sent from Heaven' Episode 96

OMG~!!!!! ♥♥♥ This episode really makes me love Kaki's character even more! Firstly, he stayed behind and watched the man fix the internet even though they had a fight. Second, he was concerned about Nara bending down, probably because she's wearing a blouse, even asked her to change clothes. Then, he defends Nara and even admits to the fans he liked her. Last, he puts on the band aid on Nara's injury. I mean... gyaaaaaaahhhhh~!!!!! Can I just scream?! ^^ They even played his background song 'Love Song' which makes it more perfect!!!!! Can't wait to sub this episode! ^^

credits: rmdkdl1103@yt

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  1. Hye, can you subs episode 89 too? Pleaseeee ^^ heee thanks :)


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