Sunday, July 22, 2012

SS501 Tweets: Kim Kyu Jong mentions SS501 members and Green Peas 07.22.12

Kyu Jong tweeted just a few minutes ago... and my heart started to ache just by reading what he said. The mere fact he mentions his fellow members, and even us, makes me teary-eyed and sad. I will miss him in Twitterland. He's the sweetest guy ever. Always remembering us and being the center for SS501. I surely hate goodbyes. I think I wasn't born to be brave to see someone leave. T_T I can still recall creating a twitter account just for me to be able to feel close to them. And now that he has to leave, what should I do? 어떡하죠? Writing this entry is a big task for me. It's hard to write something about someone who has to go. Although there's a saying that "Absence makes the heart grow fonder", still it hurts to see them bid farewell and say "See you soon." Kyu Jong-ah, please be healthy always. We will be patiently waiting for you. Some may decide to leave and forget about you, but I promise that I'll stay here, where you will be coming back.... 난 항상 여기에있을 것입니다 약속해요.

credits: 2kjdream + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

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  1. everytime i read kyu jong twitter i must feel happy sad..it mix feeling..kyu really love his members..eternal center for me..


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