Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[Eng] Kim Hyung Jun featured in Arirang's 'Showbiz Korea': Korean wave star Kim Hyung-joon who captivated Malaysia

Will be posting this very quick for all Hyung Jun biased fans. ^^ He is certainly most loved not only in Malaysia but all over Asia. ^^

credits: arirangworld@yt


  1. Hello! How are you? I hope you are well. Didn't here from you 5 days. I need your help?! Please tell me i forgot one ss501 show where their at seaside and young saeng dressed likea girl and kyu jong saved her from baby jun, but i am not sure. My favorite is kyusaeng couple. By the way you don't know is young saeng visited kyu in army? I really hope so! I think Young Saeng feeling lonely. Sorry for my english it's my 3rd language. I am waiting your answer as soon as you will be free. Thank you! Sinceraly yours Ilya.

    1. hello ^^ sorry if i was in hiatus for a couple of days. I'm here in korea now taking a vacation. ^^ I'd be updating my blog soon so hopefully you still visit here. ^^

      that was from 'Thanks for waking us up'. ^^ They danced Snow Prince there too. ^^

      Your English is good, you dont have to say sorry. ^^


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