Friday, January 4, 2013

Heo Young Saeng as one of the guest judges in 'Birth of a Great Star 3'

The guy who's been in hiatus for quite awhile decided to participate as one of the guest judges in 'Birth of A Great Star 3'. ^^ You all missed him, right? Yeah, me too I miss this funny guy who happens to be a amazing singer! ^^ It's good he's part of this, only proves he is considered as one of the great performers that can see one's potential. ^^ Can't wait to watch this episode especially the 'dance techniques' that they are talking about. ^^ SS501 once received an award for 'Best Dance Group' before. ^^ 허영생 너무 너무 보고싶어~ ^^


Bada, Bobby Kim, Jun Soo Kyung & Heo Young Saeng to feature as guest judges on ‘Birth of A Great Star 3′

Viewers of MBC‘s ‘Birth of A Great Star 3‘ have more to look forward to this week as veteran singers Bada, Bobby Kim, Jun Soo Kyung, and SS501‘s Heo Young Saeng will feature as guest judges.

The veteran singers surprised the 20-year-old girl group contestants during the ’1:1 rival duet mission’. Bada and Bobby Kim showed their affection for the contestants by giving heartfelt critiques of their performances. Jun Soo Kyung also showed her vocal maintenance tips while Heo Young Saeng impressed the contestants with his dancing techniques.

A ‘Birth of A Great Star 3′ representative stated, “Mentor Kim So Hyun became more impactful with the help of the guest judges. The guest judges Bada, Bobby Kim, Jun Soo Kyung, and Heo Young Saeng welcomed the mentees as if they were their own by passionately demonstrating their know-hows which left an impression on the 20-year-old girl group contestants.”

Catch this exciting episode on the 4th!

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