Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kim Hyung Jun gave his New Year Message

The video was uploaded from his Official YouTube account. I'll insert here the article that is related to the video. So cute of Maknae at the end of the video! ^^ '*whispers* Happy New Year* 하나, 둘~ Happy New Year!' Isn't he just to adorable? ^^ 김형준 귀여워~!

credits: junusofficialtv@yt


Kim Hyung Jun Tells Fans to Prepare for 2013

Thanking fans for so much love in 2012 Kim Hyung Jun greeted everyone, wishing them a happy new year.

 Kim Hyung Jun reminded fans that even if they weren’t able to fulfill the goals for this year, they have 2013 and the year after to try.

“Always organize the end of the year and prioritize what you want to do in the new year and I hope everything works out,” said Kim Hyung Jun. He also promised to do his best as a singer and an actor in 2013.

He added, “Happy New Year. Always stay healthy and smiling by my side.”

Photo Credit: S-Plus Entertainment

credits: ohkpop.com


  1. hi i tried to write to you so many times but, only today i am writing. First i want to thank you for your blog and Happy New Year!!! Second please stay healthy to write all about my only idol group SS501! Third be happy coz i am real TripleS as you are! Thankyu from TripleS Kazakhstan! You are really happy person that saw ss501. I wish i could see them...someday... Hope you will read my comment!

  2. hello ilya ka ^^ Thank you so much for writing a comment and visiting my blog! ^^ I appreciate it that you have come here and read my posts about SS501. They are the only group I support for kpop and I promise to have my blog updated whenever I'm free and will continue to support them. As I always say like the other Triple S, Once a Triple S Always a Triple S. I'll keep that to my heart. ^^ Don't worry, you'll see them someday. I never expected before that I'd be able to see any of the members, but it did happen. Have faith. ^^ Happy New Year too and hope you visit here often. ^^

  3. Thankyu to your reply i was very happy to receive you comment!!!


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