Thursday, January 3, 2013

[Video] Park Jung Min as Guest DJ in KBS Kiss the Radio 01.03.13

Though there are no subs yet, but it's funny to watch our Jung Minnie being joyful in this episode. Wish he had called Hyung Jun again. ^^ Wanna see a tom & jerry moment. lols ^^

credits: JungMinShine@yt


  1. This is great! Loving every minute of this! I think I've finally figured out who talks the most in K-pop: Jung Min and TVXQ's Yunho. And I think Jung Min talks a little more than Yunho LOL! I love them both so much! They are always so happy! It warms my heart to see such happiness. They are definitely my two favorites in K-pop. Thank you for posting Jung Min's day at KBS Cool FM. Great to see him DJing again.

    1. yes, he's the most talkative one among the SS501 members. ^^ tahnks for commenting and visiting my blog ^^


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