Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong's 'City Conquest' Drama will not be aired in KBS

I hate bringing a bad news. In fact, as much as possible I do not post it here on my blog. If you would notice on my previous posts, I hardly make such entries so as not to create more fuel in the fire. But on this article, I need to make a simple comment. The drama is just a fiction. It's not what is happening in real life. Like what other movies and dramas, definitely everyone has a right to be watched by the public. Doesn't necessarily mean if they air it that they are agreeing on the violence. Let's all bear in mind that at the end of the day, there is still a lesson to be learned. I hope they realize that. I wish Hyun Joong would not feel burdened about this. 김현중 걱정마세요~ We are still here to support you and your drama. We will wait patiently. 


‘City Conquest’ producers argue “Rejected from KBS from government intervention” vs KBS “Unfounded rumors”
Kim Hyun Joong’s drama ‘City Conquest’ was originally scheduled for a time slot with KBS but was recently rejected for what the production company is claiming “government intervention”. In a press release, they detail all of the demands KBS made, including switching out script writers, editing the scripts, switching out parts of the cast, etc, which they all complied with out of pressure.

In the end, KBS decided to drop the drama all together after a certain switch of power in the higher ups. “KBS officials told us that the reason they could not air the drama was because despite its superior content and business potential, the depiction of violence was not the right fit for a time when the government is making a new start.”

KBS came out with their own statement saying that their claims are unfounded. “The drama features too much violence and revenge themes and makes a mockery out of the police. We thus felt that it was inappropriate for broadcast.”

Credit/Source: star.mt.co.kr + netizenbuzz + ss501trilogy.wordpress


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