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Updates on Kim Hyun Joong's 'Unlimited' Japan Tour in Fukuoka Day 2 01.29.13

Last night was the best night for most of the Triple S and Henecia fans who attended who attended his concert. Why did I say so? Well, it was because he mentioned about SS501 and even danced to SS501's 'Lucky Days'! ^^ I was so happy last night even if I wasn't there physically. I was celebrating that joyous moment, I was wishing I could watch a fancam of it. Hopefully there will be one. ^^ I'd probably screaming in front of my computer once I see it. ^^ Kim Hyun joong always give us surprises, doesn't he? ^^ And that's why we all love him. ♥ Lol it was funny when he said,'Did you forget what I say 3 seconds ago?' ㅋㅋㅋ Hyun Joong-ah, tell me, how can we possibly not love you more than anyone if you're that adorable and lovely and handsome and kind and.... almost perfect?! ㅋㅋㅋ 야!! 김현중!! 말해 봐!! ㅋㅋㅋ

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credits: as tagged + @khjbelinda

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credits: as tagged + @Illublue and @howlovelylala

Tweets from

- KHJ arrived at venue at 4:00pm, he smiled & waved to Korean fans who were waiting for him^^read fr weibo

- he says many fans came for today's show too♪

- hyun joong already left the venue. his body was half out from the window of the car. He was waving his hand and smiling! cr: piro66hj

- hyun joong said at the end of the show, “To all at Fukuoka tonight, i'm gonna give you my gift 7mins from now.“ Then he went to various spots and sang songs. cr: moco_3670

- hyun joong said: he recalled “星空, hoshi zora“ last night, then fans requested for “Lucky Days“. He has forgotten that, but once fans started to sing it, he remembered the dance and danced it a little bit. cr: naishizi

Fukuoka day2 FA: MC, hyun joong said, “The most thing i felt fear to be said was “I love you more than I do to my husband.“ I'm enough less love than you do to your husband. (he laughed.) Please point the person you love at the next song. (Then all fans pointed to him.) Did I say I'm enough the less before 3 second?!“ with laughing. cr: piro66hj

Tweets from Illublue
- Fukuoka D2: the most frightening letter HJ has received so far was that from a fan telling him she loved him more than her husband, and advised her to give her husband more love! After this was the song U, and he told the fans to point towards the one they loved. All the fans pointed immediately to him, which embarrassed him. And he said, "Did you forget what I just said 3 seconds ago?!"
Cr 王小猫neko_henecia

- The surprise song of tonight is "Lucky Days", again out of SS501 Japan album. He also talked about the days of Destination album promo.

- He talked about the promotion days of the destination albm; he feels that he did wrong for both of the fans and the members..The scars on his shoulder reminds him of himself when, he feels now, was a bad guy. (*It's very sensitive, we don't know what he meant exactly. Hope that there will be much precise expression, if possible)@aicocoberry: 今日のリダの言葉、Let Me Be The Oneの活動時期についても語ってくれた(T_T) ペンにもメンバーにも悪いことしたって。肩の傷はその頃の悪かった自分を思い出すって。

A friend of mine attended today called me to tell what Hyun Joong exactly said: " Even with many efforts, the scars of the accident on the right shoulder does not disappear. It reminds me of that day (the accident happened). Due to the accident, the promotion period became shorter which I still feel sorry for the fans and the members. I think that the scars was a gift from the God, which tells me " Be humble and straightforward ".

I am very happy now that I can do what I like.

Tonight there were many Japnese SS501 fans at the venu which includes, of course, Henecians. He recognized that by boards, lightstick (SS501) and so on. He also recognized the songs the fans would like him to sing, " Hosizora", " Lucky Days". As he did not remember " Lucky Days", fans sang for him, then he suddenly remembers the dance, telling the fans
" The dancing was like this way, right? " So touching moment for both Hyun Joong and the fans.

credits: nanet302@lkhj.com + TheAlienPrince@lkhj.com

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