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SS501 and Triple S Facts: What you need to know about them

One of my friends share this info via fb and I couldn't stop myself not to post this here in my blog. Every detail stated here are true, and there are moments I was laughing on the statements indicated. ^^ A true Triple S can relate here, and I bet you'll be nodding your head while reading this one. ^^ 

SS501 for Dummies

[It took me the whole afternoon so please, don’t let me find out you didn’t give credits. K? ^^]

I found myself teaching SS501 to a friend last night. And I often see other followers asking to get them into SS501. I never know where to start from so i came up with this…thing.

Things you must know to call yourself an ordinary TripleS:

Their discography. At least roughly.

Their names and nicknames:

    Kim Hyun Joong, the Leader
   Heo Young Saeng, the Prince
   Kim Kyu Jong, the Center
   Park Jung Min, Sexy Charisma
   Kim Hyung Jun, the Maknae

Find yourself a trick to distinguish Hyun Joong from Hyung Jun because mistakes in this subject aren’t tolerated.

Their roles on stage:

    Kim Hyun Joong&Kim Hyung Jun, the rappers
   Heo Young Saeng, lead vocal
   Kim Kyu Jong, middle vocal&occasionally rapper
   Park Jung Min, low vocal

Their animal alter-ego:

    Hyun Joong is a dog
   Young Saeng is an otter
   Kyu Jong is a gorilla
   Jung Min is a horse (he’s often called Mal by the members)
   Hyung Jun is a turtle

Jung Min came up with these nicknames. The others came up with his. XD

Their birth dates:

    Hyun Joong -> 1986/06/06 (Leader is the Lucifer. Ahem…)
   Young Saeng -> 1986/11/03
   Kyu Jong -> 1987/02/24
   Jung Min -> 1987/04/03
   Hyung Jun -> 1987/08/03

About Kim Hyun Joong:


  •  Non-TripleS know him as Ji Hoo sunbae or Baek Seung Jo. A lot of us got into the fandom after watching these dramas. 
  • The best leader you’ll ever meet. Everyone says this of their own leader, but there’s just something about Hyun Joong. He’d dive into flames for the sake of his group and fans. (Like…He got into a car accident but still recorded a music video in order not to let his fans down. He purposely announced before anyone else that he had changed company, to take the burden himself.)
  • The most 4D 4D-ness in kpop.
  • The most tactless and hilarious laugh in South Korea.
  • He’s scared of elders.
  • Obsessed with aliens. Don’t say they don’t exist if you care about your life.
  •  He wanted to quit school to be a musician.
  • He will probably marry his guitars.
  • The most reliable Manga encyclopedia.
  • He doesn’t speak english because the pronounciation sounds weird to him. (Show me yol eye)
  • He loves soju.
  • DBSK’s Jaejoong is his best friend. 
  • He admires Lee Hyo Ri and threw a remote control across the room when he saw TOP kissing her.
  • Jitjoong. Enough said. Just google.
  • He wants to be a lion in his next life.
  • Terribly afraid of bugs. A dragonfly gave him a death glare once. He still has nightmares, i suppose.
  • He sleeps naked ‘cause clothes are annoying.
  • He once thought he had set Saengie’s house on fire. Later Young Saeng told him it was actually his own fault. 
  • Too much sugarness in a relationship doesn’t suit him.

About Heo Young Saeng:

  • Melting hypnotising voice. 
  • He lives on his own since he was sixteen.
  • He has the best relationship with his mom.
  • The best cook in the group.
  • The best eater, too.
  • The shyest member, in front of a camera. Such a dork in private.
  • Recently developed a healthy obsession for baseball.
  • God forbid his hair to be a mess.
  • Dimples!
  • He gains weight easily.
  • He won’t have any other Kyu before…well, Kyu. Completely indivisible.
  • He loves photography.
  • King of imitations.
  • He can play the piano.
  • He collaborated to Will It Snow For Xmas? soundtrack with a solo song named ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’.
  • He trained in SME. He introduced Jaejoong to Leader. He was left out. But he found Kyu so everyone’s happy.
  • He wasn’t very glad about being named otter, until he realised otters are rather cute.
  • He’s called Professor Heo for his high comprehension of female minds.
  • He used to wear cross-shaped earrings. I honestly haven’t seen him wearing them for a while now.
  • He had to get surgery after debut because of some issues with his throat. He hosted Youngstreet with Jung Min back then. He had to leave the place to Kyu. (Watch A Fine Day. Stories about his time in hospital are amazing.)
  • He once lit up a candle then left in the middle of the night. The house almost burned down and Leader thought it was his fault. 
  • He’s been trying to shake off his Shy Prince image to become a Bad Boy. Let him believe he’s succeeding. He’s actually too cute to make it.

About Kim Kyu Jong:

  • The best person you’ll ever meet.
  • The best son ever conceived. Yes. Better than you. 
  • The best brother that’s ever stepped onto this planet. (His sister’s name is Eun Ah. TripleS know that.)
  • The boyfriend every girl dreams of.
  • The personification of the word ‘bestfriend’.
  • Prettiest hands in history of mankind.
  • Typical countryman. A man of traditions, humbleness and values.
  • He respects his father more than what’s possible. He doesn’t even call him dad, but abeoji.
  • He always gets dumped because he can’t bring himself to be entertaining and talkative in a relationship. (Or girls in South Korea simply need brain surgery. o.O)
  • He went to auditions without his parents knowing because they were very poor and didn’t exactly agree on him wasting time on a dream. (Omg, this makes his parents look so bad. I swear they’re not.)
  • He promised himself the audition for SS501 was his last one. If he didn’t pass he’d give up completely.
  • He was the lead character in the web drama Seti. (Highly recommended. It’s pretty short anyway.)
  • He once thought to leave the group because he felt inferior to his members. 
  • He’s afraid of dogs. He climbed the piano stool of their dorm when Park Kyung Lim let a dog into their house. XD
  • He bought a house for his family after debuting.
  • His talent: magic tricks.
  • He had a complex about his teeth. Before getting surgery he used to cover his mouth whenever he talked or laughed.
  • He pronounces the S in a cute strange way.
  • He sweats a lot, poor thing. 
  • He has problems sleeping alone. Don’t know exactly why. He just doesn’t.
  • There’s no Kyu without a Teddy Bear.
  • He’s the member who bathes the least. But he wants you to know he does bathe.
  • He’s the member who’s easiest to wake up.
  • He wouldn’t date a girl his family don’t approve of.
  • The greatest inspiration to all of us.

About Park Jung Min:

  • You don’t know self-centrism until you know Jung Min. 
  • Wake him up only if you feel suicidal. You’ll end up being bald. Literally.
  • All the carrots in the house are his. Go and eat something else.
  • The tallest member in the group.
  • According to himself, he’d be a great leader.
  • Young Saeng would like to have a younger brother. Just not like Jung Min.
  • Hyun Joong would fight with a friend for a girl. Except if it was Jung Min’s girl. And not because he loves Jung Min too much.
  • He has a sick obsession for socks.
  • He ‘thumbs up’ with his feet.
  • He’s the cleanest member.
  • He’s the maknae in his family. (Ikr?) And he’s an uncle. (;_;)
  • He ripped his pants once. It marked his reputation forever.
  • Every TripleS dreams of stepping into RoyalAvenue at least once in her life. And possibly meeting the CEO.
  • He convinced Kyu to stay. And he helped him fixing his look at the final audition.
  • He dropped his mike at their debut stage.
  • He’s the ‘strong pillar’ of the group. Leader said so. Don’t panic until you see Jung Min crying.
  • He communicates with aliens.
  • He loves foreign languages. Currently studying mandarin and english.
  • He improved his japanese through karaoke and fans’ letters.
  • He got appendicitis during their first trip to Japan. He couldn’t speak the language but he went to the hospital by himself.
  • He’s very very close to Kara’s Gyuri. Someone ships them, someone doesn’t.
  • His sleeping outift: panda eye-mask and giraffe hat. We all miss that.
  • According to himself, he’s not a very forgiving person.
  • The dorkiest dork around.
  • The loudest laugh ever heard.
  • Sexiest body wave in show business.
  • One of the hugest hearts in town.

About Kim Hyung Jun:

  • The brightest smile. 
  • The cry baby.
  • Damn sexy and charming on stage. Incredibly childish and cute off stage.
  • U-Kiss’ Kibum’s hyung. Best blood brotherhood in and out kpop.
  • Just keep him from cooking. You’ll both regret it.
  • We all miss his ‘vampire’ teeth.
  • He tried to disguise himself as his brother when Kibum had to move to U-Kiss’ dorm.
  • You may love his dog, Choco, more than him. 
  • The first member to join Twitter and the one who pulled the others into it. Forever thankful to our Baby!
  • The one who reassured us the most when we didn’t know what da hell was happening with their contracts.
  • Bullied by Jung Min, Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, his brother, his brother’s members, dogs and dust.
  •  A progamer. For real. With a certificate.
  • One of the two most powerful voices in SS501.
  • He hosts a radio program called Music High. Name any kpop hit: he surely parodied that.
  • He’s danced and taught Bingeul Bingeul more than U-Kiss itself.
  • Apparently he studied in Australia. But his english says differently.
  • No matter your gender, he will call you sister.
  • He has a different ideal girl according to the country he’s in.
  • He has his own swearwords vocabulary. Beware of the day he’ll call you ‘sea anemone’.
  • The other members say he behaves with strangers but is a complete brat toward his hyungs.
  • He had two members cut out of SS501 because they didn’t get along well.
  • After the sub-unit activities he’s apparently been craving for a solo career. When everyone else said they were coming back as a group, he stated he would shine on his own. 
  • He immediately made clear that no matter what, SS501 shines the best as a group.
  • Don’t misunderstand him. No one on earth could love SS501 more than Kim Hyung Jun.

Pieces of history (I won’t post any links ‘cause YT will delete them anyway. I’m giving you enough info to search these cuts yourself anyway. \o/)

  • When Jung Min ripped his pants 
  • Idol World (especially the wind cut and the hidden camera on Hyung Jun’s birthday)
  • Thanks For Waking Us Up
  • Deja’ Vu parody
  • Hyunderella
  • Yeah baby! Yeah baby! Park Jung Min! Park Jung Min! Mal Mal Mal! (cover of Run To You)
  • Their debut stage
  • Kyu’s mom’s letter

TripleS for dummies

  • Don’t try having a bias list. Kyu will mess it up. 
  • They wrote a song for us: Green Peas
  • SS501 are the idols who bring the rain, so don’t ever complain about the rain.
  • Paint your life in green.
  • ‘I love you’ is outdated. ‘Love Ya’ is the new trend.
  • Just like thanKYU and thankSS.
  • We don’t leave any member behind. They wouldn’t do that.
  • We’re generally peaceful. But you pronounce the word ‘disbandment’ and you can say bye to your dear existence.
  • We make friends easily.  
  • We’re the ‘haters gonna hate’ type. Most of the time. And most of us at least.

More stuff you’re allowed not to know at first, but if you wanna show off i’ll tell you anyway:

Couple names (the most popular, at least)

    Hyun Joong+Hyung Jun = Double HJ
   Hyun Joong+Young Saeng = HyunSaeng
   Hyun Joong+Jung Min = HyunMin/GaeMal
   Young Saeng+Kyu Jong = KyuSaeng
   Kyu Jong+Jung Min = KyuMin (yep. Like SuJu)
   Jung Min+Hyung Jun= either MinJun or Tom&Jerry

 Daengee, the dog they took care of during Thanks For Raising Me Up.

‘ST01 Now’ is the title of their first album and means SS501 and TripleS as One Now and Forever. Whenever you find yourself assuming stuff about them, keep this sentence in mind. It will never mislead you.

And i could go on forever, but through it all what you really need to learn, even if you don’t say it like that, but you need to KNOW at least, that they’re


And you’ll never find a stronger deeper purer bond than theirs.

credits: http://magicmanula.tumblr.com/post/2486852670/ss501-for-dummies


  1. This is indeed the best post i ever read! My favourite was when you friend said if others say about 'disbandment' they can say bye bye to their dear life. Hahahahah it's really true! Oh my how i love this.. Yeap! Surely 'SS501 for Dummies'. Should make it as book. Hahahahah i love it. ThanKYU for sharing :)

    1. welcome! ^^ I had fun reading it too so I decided to share with everyone. ^^

  2. it's fun unnie...i enjoying reading this post...that the way i learn about them...

    1. yes it is really fun reading those information. ^^

  3. REading this post I thought to myself even though I started last April 2012... I was able to cope up with them well and it felt like I was with them since debut... I wish I knew them earlier...

    1. it's always never too late to know these 5 handsome and funny boys. ^^ The important thing is, you took the chance in knowing them. ^^ It's fun to be a part of their world! ^^

    2. i als0 late knowing them but you will stuck becoming they fan till the end cause the so adorable n honestly man..never regret becoming they fan..trust me..

    3. It's never late .. I also know them for two years only(2011) and it really feels like 8 years bec. I watched "everything" available on internet about them !
      I also wish I knew them earlier...

    4. Me to..from the day I knowing them...I watch all of they vid...from debut till now...

  4. They are not only just handsome and funny. ALL 5/5 of them have very beautiful and pure heart ! that's why they are so lovable.. but only a few people can see that.

  5. ahhahahahaaha i was nodding the whole time ...and baby being bullied by oppas ....dog and dust part lolll ...i still cant stop laughing ...thankyu i can show this wen my frndz want me to introduce oppas to them .... btw my bias is kyu and baby is being the bias list ruiner ...happy jjun day and frndship day

  6. Kyu Jong.. Yes the best of the best persons in the world... Love him so much.. Since he is my bias, he doesn't mess up the list... He he... All 5 are same to us.. We wouldn't let anyone behind.. Yes true.. ST01 Now...


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