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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's UNLIMITED Official Collection Book - 50 Question & Answer

Huge thanks to elley and babyvfan for providing the korean and english translation respectively. Our 4D Leader has done it again! Making me laugh on his random answers. ^^ Who would think that a 28-yr old guy would give such answers? Will shoot water gun to the person he dislike if he becomes invisible? And the dream he remembered, and when her girlfriend likes other celebrity, he will immediately break up with her. ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 김현중씨 완전 웃겨!! 진짜로!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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credits: http://blog.naver.com/hj090331?Redirect=Log&logNo=120194555372 + http://www.babyvfan.wordpress.com (Chinese to English Translation)

*Those in yellow marks are my personal comments. ^^

Q1. 올해의 자신을 표현하는 키워드는? 
Q1. One word you use to describe your performance this year?
- Invincible

Q2. Lucky number는?
Q2.What’s your lucky number?
- 6 (yep, indeed it is ^^)

Q3. 무인도에 3개만 가지고 갈 수 있는 것이 있으면, 무엇을 가져 갑니까?
scuba diving의 장치, 물, 소주.
Q3. 3 things your will bring with you to a deserted island?
- Diving appliances, water, soju (soju cannot be missed out.


Q4. 일본어의 공부를 하고 있어서 가장 어려운 점은? 
「つ/ Tsu」 「ず/ Zu」의 발음이 어렵다.
 Q4. The most difficult part of learning Japanese?
- The part about the difference in pronouciating ‘tsu’ and ‘su’

Q5. 이해가 어려운 일본의 문화나 습관은? 
샴푸와 린스의 용기의 색의 짙음이 한국과는 반대.
 (한국에서는 샴푸의 용기쪽이 색이 짙다)

 Q5. One Japanese culture that you find it hard to understand is?
- The color for shampoo bottle and conditioner bottle is the opposite of what it is in Korea. (In korea, the shampoo bottle is of a darker color)

Q6. 술을 마실 때에,가장 처음에 부탁하는 것은? 
 Q6. In Japan, it is usually asked like this ‘Sir, would you like to have a bottle of beer first?’. For you, what do you drink first?
- Soju (your favorite ^^)

Q7. 싫은 일본 요리는?
 Q7. One Japanese dish that you dislike?
- None.

Q8. 일본에서 가장 마음에 드는 장소는? 
Don Quijote. 
 Q8. Most favourite place in Japan?
- 돈키호테 Don Quijote

Q9. 서울에서 가장 마음에 드는 장소는? 
Q9. Most favourite place in Seoul?
- My house. (can I visit it? lols)

Q10. 자신 있게 만들 수 있는 한국 요리는? 
Q10. One korean dish that you have the most confidence in making?
- Bimbimbap (I hope I could taste that one day ♥)

Q11. 연장자와 함께 술을 마실 때에, 가장 주의하고 있는 것은? 
말수를 절감한다.
 Q11. There are many rules to follow in Korea when drinking with elders, what’s the most importance thing to take note of?
- Less talking.

Q12. 만나기로 함의 시간에 친구가 지각했다. 몇분간, 기다릴 수 있습니까? 
 Q12. When you are suppose to meet a friend, but the friend is late. How long will you wait?
- 1 hour

Q13. 집을 나설때 까지 필요한 시간은? 
 Q13. How long do you take to get out of the house?
- 1 hour

Q14. 집에서는 맨발? 양말? 슬리퍼? 
 Q14. At home, are you barefooted, wear socks, or slippers?
- Barefooted

Q15. 집에 돌아가서 최초에 하는 것은? 
몸을 씻는다.
 Q15. The first thing you do when you get home?
- Shower

Q16. 최근, 휴대전화로 촬영한 사진은? 
Q16. A recent photo taken using your phone
- Dog food (ㅋㅋㅋ 너 셀카는 너무
싫어? 그치 현중아? ^^)

Q17. 최근 마음에 걸리는 전기제품은? 
Gas steam oven
Q17. Recently, what appliance you want to buy?
 -Natural gas powered oven (Gas steam oven)
Q18. 어느쪽을 좋아합니까? 메일? 전화? 
 Q18. Prefer phone calls or text messaging?
- Phone calls (using your flip-top phone, right? ^^)

Q19. 수집하고 있는 것은 있습니까? 

Q19.  Do you have any collections?
- Guitar

Q20. 기분이 주춤했을 때는 무엇을 합니까? 
술을 마신다.
 Q20. What do you do when you feel depressed?
- I drink (me too, especially when it's about you.)

Q21. 어렸을 때, 좋아한 놀이는? 
Q21. What do you like to play when you were young?
- Soccer

Q22. 여름방학의 숙제는 빨리 끝내는 타입이었니?
통합해서 했습니다.
Q22. Are you the type that will finish homework early during summer holidays?
- I do them at one go in the final days. (smart kid)

Q23. 학생이라면, 해 보고 싶은 part-time job는? 
조리 보조.
Q23. The part time job you wished for when you were a student?
- Cooking assistant

Q24. 「미래의 자신」과, 「과거의 자신」에게, 한마디만 어드바이스할 수 있다면, 어느쪽에 어떻게 전합니까? 
과거의 자신. 더욱 열심히 살아라! .
 Q24. If you were to give advice to ‘the future you’ or ‘the past you’, what would you say?
- To ‘the past me’, live with more energy!

Q25. 지금까지 살아 온 중에서, 가장 부끄러웠던 것은? 
초등학생의 때, 대중탕에서 미녀와 우연히 만남.
 Q25. Up till now, one thing that you feel most awkward?
- When in primary school, meeting pretty girls in public baths. (ㅋㅋㅋ I could just imagine your look. ^^)

Q26. 지금까지 살아 온 중에서, 가장 기뻤던 것은? 
항상 「지금」이 가장 기쁘다.
 Q26. Up till now, the most happy thing?
- Often feel that the most happy moment is ‘now’.

Q27. 좋아하는 계절과, 그 이유는? 
겨울. 모기도 없고, 치장이 생기기 때문에.
 Q27. Favourite season and why?
- Winter, there’s no mosquitoes, and can dress fashionably. (and this made me rofl! no mosquitoes ㅋㅋㅋ)

Q28. 좋아하는 향기와, 그 이유는? 
베이비 파우더. 냄새를 맡으면 두근거린다.
Q28. What fragrance do you like and why?
- Baby powder, it gives a very comforting smell. (you like babies, don't you? ^^)

Q29. 자신의 머리 모양은, 긴 머리와 짧은 머리, 어느쪽을 좋아하다? 
긴 머리.
 Q29. (Your hairstyle) Long or short, which one your prefer?
- Long (I prefer it short though.)

Q30. 거울 앞의 자신을 보아서 생각하는 것은?
미미한 만족.
Q30. How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror?
- I feel a slight satisfaction.(slight? more like VERY HANDSOME)

Q31. 자신을 동물에게 비유한다면? 
Q31. If you were to be an animal, which one you want to be?
- Koala (I thought you'd like to be a lion who would sleep all day? lols)

Q32. 있으면 좋구나라고 생각하는 초능력은? 
순간 이동.
 Q32. If possible, which superpower you want to have?
- Teleport (I love that powers too. Way cool!)

Q33. 하루만 투명인간이 될 수 있다로 하면, 무엇을 합니까? 
평소 마음에 들지 않는 사람의 뒤에서 한결같이 물총을 쏜다. 
Q33. If you can become transparent for a day, what will you do?
- Shoot the person I dislike using a water gun.(푸하하하하하하하 ROFL!!)

Q34. 지구멸망까지 나중 3일. 무엇을 합니까? 
3일 먼저 죽는다.
 Q34. If there’s only 3 days before the world ends, what do u do?
- I will die first on that 3 days before it ends.(This one made me laugh too!!)

Q35. 죽기 전에 반드시 완수하고 싶은 것은?
10만명 앞에서 콘서트.
 Q35. One thing you wish to do before you die?
- A free concert with 100 thousands people.(Hope I can be part of it)

Q36. 무대에 오르기 전에 반드시 하는 것은?
 Q36. One thing you must do before going on stage?
- Stretching exercise.

Q37. 이러한 곳에서 노래 불러 보고 싶은, 이라고 생각하는 장소는 있습니까? 
 Q37. One particular place that you wish to sing at?
- On a boat/ship

Q38. 연인에게 노래를 선물. 어떤 노래를 부릅니까? 
Rain. (이적)
 Q38. What song will u sing to your girlfriend?
- Rain

Q39. 연인이 다른 아티스트에게 몰두하고 있으면 어떻게 합니까?
 Q39. What if your girlfriend likes another celeb?
- I will break up with her.(wahahaha definitely go break up with her!)

Q40. 첫사랑은 언제? 
 Q40. When was ur first love?
- middle school year 1.

Q41. 돌연, 눈앞에 이상의 여성이 나타나면 어떻게 합니까? 
절대로, 교제하고 싶다.
 Q41. What if your ideal type suddenly appears in front of you.
- I want to date her.(then why didn't you date Lee Hyori when your very vocal about her being your ideal type? lols. just kidding. ^^)

Q42. 이상의 데이트는 집에서 천천히? 외출? 
Q42.  Ideal dating venue, at home or out in public places?
- At home.(짠돌이!!!
Q43. 자신은 육식계? 초식계?
Q43. Are u more of a meat eating or vegetable eating person?
- I prefer meat. (나도)

Q44. 결혼의 조건으로서, 절대로 양보할 수 없는 것은? 
어린이는 2명이상 원한다.
 Q44. One condition that u will not give in for marriage?
- must have at least 2 children.( I can give as many as you want. hehehe)

Q45. 만약 여성이라면, 지금의 자신과 결혼하고 싶니? 
 Q45. If u have a girlfriend now, do u wish her to marry you now? (Now as in the KHJ now, but not in terms of time)
- no

Q46. 여성을 무섭다고 생각하는 순간은? 
무섭지 않다.
단지, 그자리의 분위기에 의해 무서워하고 있는 모습을 한다.
Q46. When do you think girls are scary?
- not scary, but when they pretend to be scared at appropriate times.(lols)

Q47. 최근 본 꿈으로 가장 기억에 남아있는 것은? 
여자 아이라고 생각하고 있으면, 사실은 남자이었다.
Q47. The dream that you remember recently?
- I thought I was girl then found out I'm a guy. (seriously, this guy never fails to make me laugh^^ )

Q48. 지금, 가장 원하는 것은? 
없앤 지갑.
Q48. What do you want the most now?
- an empty wallet. (I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of fans sends empty wallet to your agency. ^^)

Q49. 최근의 고민은? 
결혼할 수 없을지도. 
Q49. What do you worry the most now?
- not able to get married.(don't worry about it, so many girls are willing to be your bride. Count me in! ♥)

Q50. 행복을 느끼는 순간은?
일과를 마쳐서 잘 때.
Q50. When do u feel you are the happiest?
- when I finish a day’s work and go to sleep. (yeah, you love to sleep from then till now ^^)


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