Monday, July 29, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong's 'Your Story' Korean Version Full MV is out! 07.29.13

Okay, this I gotta say. When this MV came out, I was at the office. I was excited when I saw it was uploaded so sneakily I watched it. He warned us before that there is a kissing scene during the MV so I prepred myself. But to my surprise, it way more than I was expecting! I stopped watching at 0:53 then clicked the 'X' button. Not because I don't like the music, but because I can't take the scene. It was like 'Mischievous Kiss' all over again, but I thin it's more than that. >.< My heart was racing so fast as if I have caught my boyfriend (though I don't have any) doing this. I know, I'm exaggerating. Still, I can't lie to myself. That's what I have felt. Maybe later I'll have enough guts watching this. But for those who are curious what I'm talking about, you may watch it already. ^^ 김현중씨 왜 그랬어요? 내 마음 많이 아프겠다. T_T


credits: kimhyunjoong606@yt

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