Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong's 'Unbreakable' Full MV is out! 07.18.13

Finally the MV is out!!!!! What can you say about it? Make sure you tweet about the MV, announce it on Facebook, click like and favorite it on the Official Youtube Account, and use the hashtag #김현중 #Unbreakable. 김현중 'Unbreakable' 뮤비도 멋지고!!!

*Adding just a couple of description excerpt from the Official YouTube Account of the MV.

The first track of Kim Hyun Joong's third mini album 'Round 3' have garnered a lot of attention
Before release because it is composed by Steve Lee and featured by Jae Bum Park.
The Music Video made by Hong Won Gi from Zanybros, also attracted lots of attention in that it has great scale like movies.
Especially, It provides people with overwhelming image composed of super car, martial arts, Nanta, sword dance and changing animal to people or object. People also can catch Korean beauty such as Danchong and Goblin pattern tattoo. It will be impressive to viewers by excellent art performance reinterpreting Korean Beauty.

credits: kimhyunjoong606@yt

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