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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's 'Guerilla Date' in KBS 07.27.13

Huge thanks to @5StarsAs1 for providing the translation. ^^ These are tidbits from the show 'Entertainment Relay' in which Hyun Joong had a Guerilla Date in Gangnam. And I am so dying to watch that episode! It will be like 2 weeks from now before they aired that show here on our cable. But I'll be waiting patiently for it. ^^ If I also have a boyfriend, I'd probably choose Hyun Joong over him. ㅋㅋㅋ 김현중씨 우리 데이트 하자. ♥

[Guerilla Date translation tidbits] #김현중 #Your Story

A Japanese fan was interviewed with her Korean boyfriend. MC asked whether the boyfriend was jealous because her girlfriend likes KHJ and he answered yes. They even had little fights because of KHJ when the girlfriend ditched the boyfriend to send KHJ off in the airport. When MC asked the girlfriend who she likes better, she answered her boyfriend but when asked who's more handsome, she answered Kim Hyun Joong.

Another fangirl was asked what's KHJ's charming points and she answered jawline and she also asked for a back hug as a fan service. Before KHJ gave her the backhug, he asked whether she has a boyfriend which she really has. (hahaha perhaps he's afraid the boyfriend will be jealous again? ㅋㅋㅋ)

A man being interview said KHJ's charming points are his distinct facial features along with his small face. When asked what type of fan service he wants, he was given 4 choices which is:

1) Hug 2) Back hug 3) Cross his arms with KHJ's 4) Shake hand and touch his face

and the man chose Option 2 which is back hug,

After the backhug, KHJ said 'Man are of course their backs'

KHJ said Your Story MV still isn't been released yet as it haven't passed the rating evaluation yet. The reason being is that the MV contains kiss scene with the girl.

Regarding his anticipation for the upcoming album, he wishes for a 600KRW miracle (600won is the price to download 1 song in digital sites ^^) But he said jokingly his aim is not to get the first place in digitals. Also he said whenever he has comeback, fans would prepare lunch boxes for him. He said jokingly that fans need not do that as he also has the money to buy himself something to eat, instead he wish for the 600KRW miracle! He trust the miracle that 600won can do!!

KHJ said he felt at ease even when he's having activities in overseas because he likes the hotel. He can feel the countries' cultures via the hotel breakfast.

KHJ said he's somehow a 'ghost-liked' sunbae. Whenever the hoobaes greets him, he runs away because he feels awkward/shy. MC said whenever the hoobaes greet the sunbaes, sunbaes always said something like 'I think you're doing great, keep up the great work'..but KHJ honestly said he couldn't comment on something like that because he didn't really check out on the hoobaes.

When asked what about the girl-groups hoobaes, he said he always watch their MVs through Youtube(Internet). He was interested in the girl-group called Crayon Pop because Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar choregraphy was very similar to Lucky Guy's high high high dance choreography. And he said jokingly 'Should I sue them?...'

credits: @5StarsAs1

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