Thursday, July 11, 2013

Updates from Heo Young Saeng's 2013 Concert in Tokyo, Japan 07.11.13

Huge huge thanks to @RiCeLyN for the links of the information. ^^ Young Saeng was very funny and naughty with the audience. ㅋㅋㅋ And that's what I love about him. He's no longer the quiet type but the adorable and with sense of humor guy. Love it so much!♥♥♥ 허영생씨 완전 웃겨!!!!!


The concert started with Let It Go, Crying, Rainy Heart and Intimidated.

YoungSaeng performed The Art of Seduction and Know It All from the latest Korean mini album.

Most songs were from his latest Japanese album,Memories to You.

He performed Anytime I'm With You,Hoshizora(Starry Sky), Mermaid…, and All My Love.

Also YoungSaeng performed Hajimete Miru Sora Datta(It Was The Sky I've Ever Seen for the First Time) and Is It Love?

Also YoungSaeng did FIND (Rock ver.)

YS:Did you guys buy the album? Fans:Yes!! YS:It must have been hard,right? Fans:No! YS:You must be rich.

He spoke Japanese all time in the concert (with prompter.) And he wrote all lines/scripts.

YS:Are you hot,right? (and he sprinkled water from bottles to the audiences.)

YS:You're auntie(s) now. Fans:We're noonas! YS:Noona?…No,aunties.

YoungSaeng did… 1,2,3 and DraMagic!

The biggest surprise for me was he performed Because I'm Stupid. ("The most sold SS501 song,"he said. Lol)

He did SS501 medley again this time,included Kokoro,Distance,LIVE! and Lucky Days.

YS:It's the last song. Fans:Noooo!!! (Sounded like "A") YS:B?

YS:Last song. Fans:Nooo! YS:NO "No" Fans:Noooo! (Repeated for several times) YS:DON'T SAY NO! (Like he's angry) Fans:Kyaaaa~!!

Encore: Coward and Hello Mellow

All VCR was from his SS501 days. (Of course all members were there!)

YoungSaeng:I have a baby face,right?

After finished encore (Coward and Hello Mello), we kept calling his name though there was an ending announcement,YoungSaeng came back!

YoungSaeng didn't have any songs to do,but came back for us to say bye-bye and to tell us go home safely.

(He said his Japanese is still poor,so that he couldn't finish the sentence) YoungSaeng:(I don't know) when it will be,(but) see you again.


YS:My stylist said to me, youre pig..recently I eat too much.. I know well..hahaaa xD

From YoungSaeng. Thank you for this beautiful scenery you made. Please keep it as a good memory ^_^ (@YES_STAFF)

credits: 1122misato@twitter + RenriSak0830@twitter + @RiCeLyN + Hyejin0813@twitter (Photo credits)

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