Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[Eng Translation] From Y.E.S. Staff Report 11.11.13

Huge thanks to xiaochu for translating the notice for the benefit of everyone. ^^ Reading this makes me miss Young Saeng more. I usually say that time flies so fast. But when you are waiting for someone, waiting seems to be forever. Those pretty smile of him and the tweets he made are just a few things that I am missing. It's sad that they cannot come up with an official DVD to release as a memorabilia for all the fans. But it's understandable since Kyu Jong came up on stage and sang for the boys and for all the Pretties. He's on a military service so I guess that's one reason. But don't blame Kyu, okay? I am very happy and grateful to him for singing on stage with all the 4 boys and making it a night for all Triple S to remember. ^^ Imagine, he took the risk of joining the performance despite the restriction under military service. He is indeed our Triple S President. He knows what we all wanted to see.... to witness a reunion. ^^ So let's just all wait till the staff uploaded the video so we can all reminisce once again. ^^ Whatever clips they might upload, whether they show a SS501 reunion or just Young Saeng, at least show your thanks for their generosity. ^^  보고싶다 허영생~


11/11 [trans] YES - Staff Report - Be Careful Not To Catch a Cold

Credits : www.bfc-yes.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


This is Y.E.S administrator.
How is everyone doing?

Before we know it, the winter season is here for 2013 too..
On a Monday morning, it seems to be a very cold day.
I hope everyone be careful not to catch a cold^^

YoungSaeng released a special album [SHE] on 16-October,
Held his first solo concert in Seoul on 26th, and got enlisted into the army on 31st..

It was a short period of time.. had just one album activity...
Fortunately we are able to see the performance of ‘Weak Child’,
And even had met with all the fans through a fan sign event..
Thanks for all the fans, his first solo concert in Seoul ended in a success.

Just imagine, all of these will become a great memory in the future when YoungSaeng and his fans meet again after about 2 years...

In case if there are any fans who couldn’t attend the concert due to various reasons,
Or for fans who came.. it’s a shame but no DVD will be released this time..
So in order to soothe a little of your disappointment,
We will be releasing some videos of the concert bridge one by one..^^

From about next week, we will release them through the official youtube~
Informing Y.E.S members in advance about this~hee
We will announce it through Y.E.S staff twitter once it’s been released, so please look forward to it!

Oh, and maybe everyone knew this already but.. YoungSaeng has adapted well in the army and is doing well~
You’ve seen his photos right? With a small face and milky-white skin, we can spot him in the group photo just in one look!^^

On behalf of YoungSaeng, we will keep you posted about him occasionally so as to coax your lonely heart, so please check out Staff Report sometimes~ 

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