Thursday, November 7, 2013

[Scan] Article about SS501 reuniting at Heo Young Saeng's Concert published in Manila Bulletin 11.07.13

Huge thanks to Jonathan Hicap for writing this article and was even published here in our country! ^^ Just a quick sharing, I was already aware that they will gonna published it today sonce Jonathan Hicap already tweeted about it. But then, this morning I have completely foregotten it! Geezz~~ >.< Good thing my good friend Cheezeemelt reminded me when she mentioned it through twitter at around 10:44am. Imagine I was at the office and by the moment I saw her tweet, I rushed to the nearest store hoping that they still got it. Thankfully, they had a few. So what I did is to open and hurriedly searched for their name just to make sure that I got the right one. And yes, I found them. ^^ I am so glad to see them on our local newspaper. ^^ Thanks again to Jonathan! ^^ 더블에스오공일 만세!!

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