Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Fanpic] Heo Young Saeng finishes his military training 11.28.13

Time flies so fast. Can you believe it's a month that has passed and now Young Saeng finally finishes his training and will soon be working as a policeman? ^^ I'm glad to see pictures of him. ^^ He still looks as handsome as ever!♥ And that last picture... I super love it! Smiling Young Saeng!!♥♥♥ You've done well, Young Saeng! I hope we get to see you name in Twitterland soon. ^^ 잘했어 허영생! ^^

*Update: added more photos. ^^


credits: @_YourS_hys + @ssollalla + @RiCeLyN + @bestys1103 + @Madeleine_hys

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