Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Eng Translation] Kim Hyung Jun for Lotte JTB Hongkong Home Shopping Trip

Huge thanks to kelemama for translating this. ^^ Finally we can fully understand what it is all about. ^^ Hyung Jun biased fans... better not miss this. ^^ 난 기다려 김형준씨!! ^^


[Trans] Lotte JTB Hong Kong Home Shopping Trip together with Hallyu Star Kim Hyung Jun

Shopping paradise~ Hong Kong! This is a city where night and day are equally dazzling and beautiful.
Lotte JTB's exclusive model Hallyu star Kim Hyung Jun is here!
The story of Lotte JTB and Kim Hyung Jun's Hong Kong trip will be revealed at the upcoming Lotte Home Shopping program.

Lotte Home Shopping is scheduled to air on 1 December 2013

Lotte JTB's exclusive model Hallyu star Kim Hyung Jun traveled to charming city Hong Kong which is known as a shopping paradise. Kim Hyung Jun went strolling on streets and experiencing HK culture and shopping, keeping himself awfully busy.

Compared to other seasons, Hong Kong's autumn has it's unique appeal!
During promotion period with array of winter products, the romantic neon lights makes Hong Kong more attractive compared to other seasons!

All the interesting stories of Lotte JTB with Kim Hyung Jun that took place in Hong Kong will be revealed on Lotte Home Shopping on 1 Dec 2013 at 1am!
Let us tune in together and watch the happy times Kim Hyung Jun spent in Hong Kong~

Article Courtesy http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_e2e03b560101huuz.html + (eng trans) kelemama

Repost with full credits.

credits: @501wangja

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