Monday, November 18, 2013

[Eng Translation] Heo Young Saeng's Letter to Y.E.S. and Triple S 11.18.13

I know I'm late in posting this. I just got home and feeling tired already. >.< But I cannot let this day end without posting the news about this letter of Young Saeng straight from his training camp! ^^ This letter might have been translated a couple of times already. Still, I'd like to share the translation of xiaochu here. ^^ Reading this handwritten letter of him made me feel mixed emotions. Happy because finally we get to hear some news from him, sad because I'm missing him every single day, and got a little bit of headache trying to figure out what he wrote because I had a difficult time understanding his handwriting. ㅋㅋㅋ 농담이야 허영생~ ^^ I laughed a little reading the part that he hates exercising, also when he mentioned about not being able to loose weight. ^^ 괜찮아 영생아. I like your chubby cheeks too. ^^ 건강하고 몸 잘 챙기세요. 보고싶어~ 많이보고 싶어요.


11/18 [trans] YoungSaeng Letter From Army

Credits : young-saeng.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


Hello. This is B2M.

Heo YoungSaeng’s letter from the army has arrived.

To. Triple S and Y.E.S Fan..

Firstly.. I am healthy!!ke and.. thank you for the many internet letters sent..
I guess everyone is worried that I couldn’t read them.. Squad commander printed all the letters out to give to me, so I try to read them all whenever I can! Keke
The first thing is, flu… whenever I catch a flu, it will continue for about 3~4 weeks~ That’s why I am still…coughing… TT^TT But since I’m breathing fresh air and doing my training..it’s no big problem!
Second thing, many are worried because I am shy with strangers.. after I’ve entered in, I’ve became close with my unit members, it was interesting and I’m enjoying the life now~ And also the dongsaengs listen to me so.. I am also thankful for that~^^
Third thing, about receiving training.. a lot of you are worried, I am able to do everything the others did~ke however, it’s just that I hate exercising! ke by the way, it’s like everyone likes resting~ but not preferring it over exercise/moving around~^^
Forth thing, food~~ke.. Like what PSY sunbaenim said in broadcasts, they’re delicious.. and it’s far more delicious.. than what I’ve imagined~!! Ke I guess I won’t lose any weight.. TT^TT
Starting from the first letter, there are letters from overseas.. (translated and original letter) Birthday congratulatory letters. 1st week enlistment (anniversary) letters.. Thanks everyone~^^
In these 21 months.. everyone please do your best at your own place! Time passes by..
When we meet again.. I hope we will meet with a confident image that we are not ashamed of!!
Do not give up on your dream, fulfill it no matter what!!^^ Hwaiting!!

Company 11, Platoon 4, Squad 3, Recruit 202
Heo Young Saeng

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