Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy 28th Birthday to our Shy Prince Heo Young Saeng! 11.03.13

This day marks a special day to all Y.E.S. and Triple S fans. ^^ It's the birthday of our very own Shy Prince Heo Young Saeng! Unfortunately, he cannot be with us to celebrate his special day since he was enlisted last October 31, 2013. T_T However, I won't let this day pass without my greetings to him. So here it goes.

 안녕하세요 허영생~ 잘 지내세요? I hope you are doing well. It's been 2 days since we last saw you. At that time, you were very shy to show your new haircut. I also noticed you were sick because you were coughing every now and then. It's sad that you cannot be with us here today to celebrate your special day. I still remember before, fans were giving gifts and sending it to your agency. You even celebrated your birthday with fans.

 Seeing your smile and your dimples makes us feel happy, knowing that you are also happy on this day. But now,... I guess you're inside the military camp, sleeping already because of the curfew given. I just hope that friends and family will be able to greet you on this day so you won't feel lonely. Don't be sad, because even if you are not here, we still consider this day a special day. My message to you is... thank you for giving us great music, thank you for putting a smile on our faces, thank you for making an effort on SS501's reunion, thank you... for being born, to serve as an inspiration to most of us. We promise to wait for you. Please take care of yourself while you are in military service. 기다릴께~~

생일 축하합니다 허영생!

photo credits: as tagged + @YES_STAFF + @bestys1103

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