Thursday, November 7, 2013

Notice from B2M Entertainment: Send your letter to Heo Young Saeng 11.06.13

Yes, they have released the details where you can send your letter to Young Saeng while he's on training. The good thing about this is either you can send thru snail mail or thru online. They will print it and give it directly to Young Saeng. ^^ At least, you get to have a chance to tell him how you feel now, or to share some stories to him so he won't feel bored or lonely during training. Give him some words of comfort and some things that would ease him from being home sick. Let's cheer him up and assure him that we will wait for his return, to hear his wonderful singing voice again. ^^ 기다릴께 허영생~ ^^

Subject: [Guide] Heo Young Saeng Training Center address information

Hello. This is B2M.

Training Center Address information.

Mailbox No. 76-9 Jukpyeong-ri, Yeonmu-eup, Nonsan-si, Chungnam
Trainees 202 Heo Young Saeng, platoon 4, troop 11, training regiment 25

(When you write the address please write in hangul)
충남 논산시 연무읍 죽평리 사서함 76-9호
25교육연대 11중대 4소대 202훈련병 허영생

* Only letters and parcels, courier, can not receive the registered mail
* If possible, please use the Internet letter.
Please write a letter to the Internet at the address below, the letter will be delivered in print.

credits: http://young-saeng.com/board/board_view.asp?brd_code=001&brd_idx=4456 + @sakuradream501 (English Translation)

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