Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heo Young Saeng having vacation in the Philippines 07.02.13

Yes, you read it right. ^^ He's now here on our country. Thanks to my fellow Triple S sisters who gave the info about this. If it weren't for his friend, we wouldn't know he's here having a vacation and relaxation. ^^ Well I guess he would like to keep it a secret so he can have his private time enjoying with friends. If you happen to see him, please make sure to respect his private time so he'll be back again in our country. I do hope he's having a great time here. Too bad I'm a plane away from Cebu. T_T I'll just think of it this way to make me feel better,...... we're on the same country as of now. ^^ 보고싶다 허영생!!

credits: @yjblu2s

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