Sunday, August 12, 2012

[Eng Subs] Heo Young Saeng's cut in KBS 'Sent from Heaven' Episode 100

This is the final episode of 'Sent from Heaven'. I'm a bit sad that the sitcom has come to an end. I actually cried on the scene where Chaehwa was holding Nara's hand and Nara was crying. Although it was not included in this clip, but that scene really did made me cry a lot. It was a great journey that I had experienced, losing lots of sleep just to watch and sub the cuts of Young Saeng. The excitement for every episode, knowing what will happen next. The laughter I had on certain scenes. This is the sitcom I have followed, and I loved. Thank you.... this sitcom is indeed... 'Sent from Heaven'. ^^

credits: rmdkdl.com + mukamuka_ys + subs provided by KBS World

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