Saturday, August 11, 2012

[Eng Subs] Legend of Kim Hyun Joong Part 2: Making of 'Black Glasses' MV

Here is the second part of a special feature about Kim Hyun Joong. This time, it's the making of 'Black Glasses' MV by ERU. If you were wondering about the first part, you can click HERE. I had loved this song ever since I've known Hyun Joong. It was during the time that I had found out about Hyun Joong from 'Boys Over Flowers' and was searching more about him. I had stumbled into this video and fell in love with his acting. ^^ Now that I'm watching the making with subs, I'm loving it more. Funny Hyun Joong when he said he was good in acting in beating up since he got beat up a lot during his younger days. ^^ And when he said the statement 'I guess you can say strength alone you can't win but the strength of love can overcome all.', I think he was shy or embarrassed in saying that... because we all know that Hyun Joong doesn't want to say mushy things. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But one thing I do know.... he's a great actor with a big heart. ♥

credits: Jackiek606@yt

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