Tuesday, August 7, 2012

[Fancam] Heo Young Saeng performs 'Let it Go' + 'Crying' in Music Farm Festival

*Clap clap clap clap clap* I just have to commend Young Saeng here for doing such a great performance. Why did I say so? Because during those 2 songs, he was holding a mic and was switching hands to hold it so he can do his choreography. It's pretty hard, you know. Especially on his song 'Crying' because there are a lot of hand movements on it. But Young Saeng was able to do it. ^^ And what I love most about fancams? It can capture perfect moments. ^^ During his 'Let it Go' performance, he was so cute when he was smiling and putting a 'V' sign to fans. ♥ I so totally enjoyed those parts that I decided to make a screencap on one of my favorite pose. ^^ Isn't he so cute? ^^ Huge thanks to the uploader for sharing it with us. ^^


Let it Go

My favorite pose ♥

credits: Darksnipercam@yt

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