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Park Jung Min's former agency CNR refused to take court's decision

The moment I knew about this issue, to be honest, I was pissed off with CNR. I mean, why in the world they would not accept the court's decision and would rather appeal to it? When the court favored Jung Min, it only means he has the right to claim what he deserves financially. I just hope the court would decline their appeal, so they would face the reality of paying Jung Min. We support you, Mal. Whatever happens. I collected the articles so you could have better understanding of what is happening. 


Park Jung Min Management Company To Appeal “Park Jung Min Wants to Terminate His Contract, With Unreasonable Demands Of 700 Million”

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Park Jung Min Management Company to appeal.

Regarding singer Park Jung Min injunction against exclusive contract disputes, management company CNR Media gave their official statement.

On the 9th, CNR Media states, after looking thru the official reported documentations ‘Head Office and Legal Affairs of the China entertainment Corporate, cannot accept the decision on the preliminary injunction thus they decided to appeal against this injunction’.

According to CNR Media, from 2011 the company overall expenditure is approximately 1.1 billion.   In order to sign the 400 million contract with Park Jung Min, they paid (Park Jung Min) the same amount of  50 million contract conditions which is of the same level of the best artistes.

But when Park Jung Min was carrying out liquidation in the second half of 2011,  asking for the agency to pay for the equivalent of more than 80% of the 700 million income.  CNR media thus states that “(Park) without any evidence or proposition to terminate the contract with the company made by the imposition of unreasonable propostion.”

Moreover, CNR Media stated again “Park Jung Min said, ‘Therefore, the application for the preliminary injunction is  due to that they do not carry out the liquidation’   despite the  efforts by the company, but with the required amount requested by Park Jung Min, the difference is too huge, with that the company cannot agree.

Furthermore, CNR Media side, legal CETV states, “This incident, it  is the artiste himself who disregard the company who wants to solve the liquidation problem, making unreasonable demands, not cooperating to negotiate with the company and resolve, making his own decision to terminate the contract, disregard the company when undergoing his solo activities.  Dissatisfied with the preliminary injunction decision, thus decided to appeal. Relevant documentation are already in the confirmation stage.”

Regarding this matter between CNR and Park Jung Min, it is being on hot discussion and in the news “Park Jung Min kept working without getting any money” creating hot topics.  (The company) suffered huge losses, but also stressed that because this matter, now in the entertainment industry,  it has come to a state that they do not know whether can they continue to work.

On the other hand, Park Jung Min during Oct 2010 the collaboration between Taiwan and S.Korea company CNR Media which has a 3 year contract, on Apr 2012 applied for the injunction against to demand to an end to the effectiveness of the management contract.. This year on 31 Jul Seoul Central District Court rule in favour of Park Jung Min with regard to the preliminary injunction.

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Park Jung Min’s former agency refuses to accept the court’s decision over termination of contract

On 9th August, Korean singer Park Jung Min’s former agency CNR Media, released statement via report, expressed that “The company and legal affairs correspondent HwaWoo will not accept the court’s decision, therefore lodged a counter appeal”.

According to CNR Media, in 2011, company’s total revenue estimated around 1.1 billion won, pre-paid Park Jung Min 400million won to sign the contract. Also, in early 2011, the company has paid 150million won, said to be the highest pay among artist of the same level. However, towards the payday for second half of 2011, Park Jung Min asked for 80% of total revenue, which amounts to more than 700million won.

For this, CNR Media person-in-charge expressed, “This is too much to ask, this is asked in order to terminate his contract with the company. Although Park Jung Min filed a lawsuit against the company with the reason of unfair payment. However, even if the company was to come to an agreement, but was unable to meet his need because the amount he asked for is way different from the actual pay.”.

Furthermore, Hwaboo who is the in charge of legal affairs at CNR Media, also expressed that, “In this matter, the artist’s request was too much, the company’s payment was reasonable, but still he filed a lawsuit to terminate the contract, without giving an attempt to settle the affair with the company, and has started activities on his own. Therefore, we refuse to accept the court’s decision in terminating the contract, thus decided lodge a counter appeal. Also, we have many related supporting documents.”.

CNR Media official also revealed that because Park Jung Min said to the media, “Park Jung Min only works, but did not receive money”, has caused a great loss to the company, hindering the company to continue it’s business in entertainment industry.

Park Jung Min signed a 3-year contract with CNR media in October 2010, filed a lawsuit to terminate contract in April 2012. On 31st July, Seoul Central District Court has ordered the appeal for termination of contract to be valid. CNR then released an official statement and to lodge a counter appeal over the court’s decision.

Source : TV Daily

credits: en.korea.com


CNR Media argues that Park Jung Min’s income demands were ‘unreasonable’

CNR Media, the former agency of SS501‘s Park Jung Min, has objected to the court ruling that terminated their exclusive contract with Park. They appealed this decision, arguing that Park Jung Min had requested an unreasonably high income.

CNR Media reported through a press release on August 8th, “In order to sign with Park Jung Min, we paid a deposit of 400 million KRW (~$354,000 USD) and pre-paid an additional 150 million KRW (~$133,000 USD) in 2011. These are extremely good contract conditions for any celebrity within the same rank as Park.”

They continued, “As he proceeded with his tax reports at the end of 2011, Park Jung Min requested approximately 80% of the company’s total revenue, which comes to more than 700 million KRW (~$621,000 USD). Subtracting all costs, the company calculated his total profit to be $266,500 USD, a number much less than what he had asked for. The unreasonable amount of earnings he has demanded without good reason is a number calculated unilaterally, and is his way of terminating a contract with the company.”

However, Park Jung Min’s agency stated, “There is no point in taking action [to respond]. CNR Media has earned an immense profit from Park Jung Min’s activities in various countries, however, there were no benefits in it for Park Jung Min. All the more, even when there was no continued support, the company pushed ahead with more functions and events that Park Jung Min himself had to find stylists and other help for.”

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min stated last April, “Aside from the 150 million Won I received last year, the company has not been paying my income properly. I am asking to have my contract terminated,” and the court accepted his provisional disposition.

Source & Image : Kukimedia via Nate

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