Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You've got mail!: A Letter from our SS501 Forever Center Kim Kyu Jong 08.14.12

I was feeling down this morning for some strange reason I could not figure out why. I slept with a heavy heart. But when I woke up, I was surprised about the news that there is a letter came from the camp... and it's from our none other than Triple S President Kim Kyu Jong! I was excited to read what he said, and I thank xiaochu so much for translating his letter to us. I felt teary eyed reading his very touching message. T_T I miss the times when he frequently leaves a message in twitter. He really knows what to say, and it made me feel better reading his letter. We miss you Kyu Jong, we can't wait to see you already. 


KyuJong Letter from Army

Credits : kyu-jong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com



To. Triple S and! ThanKYU ~

Hi! Is everyone doing well?! 
I am doing well in the short 4-weeks training~
Oh! I received the letters send by you fans~^^ All thanks to them, it gave me strength and so I am enjoying and doing well~
I am really curious if Pretties are doing well or not! I wanted check out your well-being everyday through SNS but though it is a little frustrating, but I believe that you are definitely doing well^^ Because you’ve always been like that~ Even more so in the future too!^^
I miss you lots~ While in the training, when the training-mates asked me random stuffs, days of debut since 2005 and my members kept coming to my mind~ It is already year 2012..!
And seems like we have been together for really a long time..^^
We will be together in the future too, and making fun memories, beautiful remembrance and precious happiness~^^!
Just only few days have passed but.. I misses the members too.. TT Also misses Pretties..! I have a new feeling towards the meaning of ‘precious’~
The word ‘We’ is not a word that is used meaninglessly..^^ It’s a word that is used really only in the relationship like ours!~ The dongsaengs in my dormitory who are beside me, kept asking me to sing our songs..haha..
Even though I like singing, but I felt shy and embarrassed here.^^~
Aigoo~ It’s a letter which I haven’t wrote for a long time but the contents are inconsistent.. I’m so out of my mind!
Please understand~ I hope Pretties can always be smiling and stay positive~
And looking forward to the smiling days together when we meet again!^^

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  1. i miss kyu..he so sweet..always think about his fan n members..i really2 like this man..so happy cause he look fine


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