Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy 26th Birthday to SS501's Maknae Kim Hyung Jun! 08.03.12

First of all, I would like to extend my apologies to Baby Hyung Jun. I was so busy last week that I totally forgot to make a post pertaining to his birthday. Good thing one of my readers reminded me about it. ^^ 미안해 형준아. *bows 90 degrees* Anyways, let me make this post, although it's late, for our birthday boy Kim Hyung Jun. ^^

It seems like yesterday when we have met the cutest Maknae of a debuting group, SS501. He was the first one to be casted for the group, yet he's the youngest one. He showed us every cute side of him through out these years.

With the SS501 members beside him, he would act as a Maknae, but with his family he portrays the eldest and dependable hyung to his brother KiBum. Some may say he has the most desire to go solo, but when SS501 contract ended under DSP, he was also the first one who cried during X-Concert feeling sad about it. He may be always bickering with Jung Min, but is also the first one to say he misses Mal. 

He always assure Triple S that soon SS501 will make their comeback. As they say, he's the most playful, cutest, and cry baby among SS501 members. The Hyung Jun we have known before is still the Hyung Jun that we are seeing now. Yes, he is more manlier, but still the same lovable Maknae we have known for the past 7 years. We thank you for coming into our lives Hyung Jun-ah. Thank you for being the way you are now. We know how much you love your hyungs and that's why you are working hard now... so they will be proud of you. No matter what future lies beneath you, we are positive that you will be successful in everything that you do. And thank you for being a part of SS501. Let me leave you a statement written by Kim Hyung Jun himself:

" The affinity that’s fated to be forever in my life
The five brothers in SS501,
Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min, and… me!
Even when we’re older and aged, we still want to stand onto the stage together,
We must keep the promise…
Really love you (guys) very very much,
We must keep and guard our brotherhood no matter the passage of time.

That’s not all~! For the many, many Triple S,
the five of us will work hard to reunite and come together,
Please, all of you, do not forget that, ya,
There will be rewards, so please believe in us!
We will be together, for sure." 

Happy Birthday 
SS501's Maknae Kim Hyung Jun!
 We love you!

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  1. What a touching article. I cry while reading this entry. Yeap, he will always be the baby in SS501. 5 forever! ;D


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