Thursday, February 28, 2013

Article about Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun's meeting

Reading the article makes me happy but sad at the same time. It makes me miss the boys even more, though they are very active today in their solo activities, but still seeing them on one stage is what's most Triple S would like to see. Kim Hyung Jun visiting his brothers gave us the happiness that we are longing to have. ^^ 고마워 김형준~ 김규종 보고싶어~


SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun reunite

SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Kyu Jong had a mini reunion, once again sparking the hopes of their fans across the globe.

Kim Kyu Jong first tweeted a photo of the two of them together, writing, “I met my love ♥ Hyung Jun came all the way to Jeonju to buy me food ♥ He’s having his first solo concert on the 9th, so please support him ♥ Hehehehe hooray SS501 ♥“. Kim Hyung Jun retweeted him and wrote, “Fighting Kyumak“.

Ever since the members took an indefinite hiatus, it’s been rare for the boys to come together since each member has been busy with his solo activities, or carrying out military service as a public officer in the case of Kyu Jong. It’s definitely nice to see these two meeting up, and hopefully we’ll see all the members come together someday?

Until then we can always reminisce on the old times!

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