Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Heo Young Saeng goes blonde.... again 02.20.13

Tahnks Cheezeemelt for the link! ^^ This is the second time that Young Saeng have his hair dye in blonde. Do you think he's gonna keep that same hair color for his much anticipated comeback? Well, let's just wait and see. ^^ Today he went to Japan to attend the Press Conference of 'Summer Snow' Musical. Been awhile since we last saw him. ^^ 오랜만이에요 허영생씨. ^^ 잘 지내세요?

credits: HYSmystyle@twitter + raichanxd@twitter  + Cheezeemelt501@twitter + paige0629@twitter + MsShoko99 + @Hyun宝 (Weibo:http://t.co/e8xOWAuO) + blog.naver.com/jungmin_0702?Redirect=Log&logNo=70159491581

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