Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SS501 Tweets: Kyu Jong shares a picture of his visitor... SS501's Maknae Kim Hyung Jun 02.27.13

I just woke up and find myself surprised with the tweet of our very dear Kyu Jongie who shared a photo of his recent visitor, none other than Maknae Hyung Jun! ^^ I am so very happy today seeing these two guys together and I love the fact they share this what we call brotherly love! ♥ Hyung Jun is so sweet dropping by at Jeonju. Probably spending a post birthday celebration for Kyu? Or did he invite him to his First Solo Concert? ^^ I miss them both! And Kyu Jong looks very good today! ^^ 김규종 멋있다! 김형준 멋있다! SS501 brotherly love! 너무 좋아 ~ ♥ SS501 만세 ♥

*KyuMak means Kyu Jong + Maknae ^^

credits: 2kjdream + HyungJun87 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

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