Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Updates from Kim Hyun Joong's Fanmeeting in Peru (Edited)

Okay, so at this time the streaming has temporarily stopped, so I have just a few minutes to update you gals as well. ^^ In no particular order, here are some random updates. ^^

I updated the post of howlovelylala. ^^ 

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before he sings 'Kiss Kiss'

dancing to 'Smile'

talk time before he sings 'Because I'm Stupid'

Updates from @howlovelylala

-"It's first time to visit but I am looking at Peru fans' support and love thru Youtube + other site"

-Before KHJ singing Because I'm stupid, he asked fans to sing along, and now the venue is full of fans voice!

-how to introduce 'Let's Party' lol "among Kim Hyun Joong's songs, there's a song named, 'Let's Party'" ☞☜


- "I felt some pressure cuz of jet-lagged, but now I am totally fine to see Peru fans on the stage."

-"As fans in Peru might know, I am working (as a singer) not only in Korea but also other countries. I've (can't hear) in Japan. Among Kim Hyun Joong's track list, there's a song named 'Let's Party'"

-"This time I came here to have a FM, but next time will be a concert. I promise you I will visit you again"

-"Peru is far away (fr KR) but thru the internet, it feels closer."

-"Even if you are far away, when you send your love, I will work harder and visit again with my album. I hope a lot of support from you."

-"My first impression of Peru fan was that they were much more passionate than other countries fans I had visited."

-"not sure if you know that I am an actor as well. Did you ever saw the drama 'BOF'? The next song I'm gonna sing is.. If you know this song, I hope you sing along. Here's 'Because I'm stupid'" (during his singing, the venue was full of fans voice singing along.)

-"I got a feeling from your reaction, how much Peru fans have been waiting (for me) Thank you very much, Peru fans."

-"Are you able to see fans in the back as well??" "Next song is 'U'"

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