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Kim Hyun Joong's words to fans during 'Unlimited' Japan Tour in Osaka

Such touching words coming from our Leader Hyun Joong. I guess he feels our worries about him but with his statement gave us a reassurance that he's doing okay. 다행이다~... 김현중 화이팅!! ^^

Tweets from @baebb

It's been 8 years since my debut; i think 8 years is quite a long time. but i hope not to forget my first resolve, not to forget how the heart had felt at the very beginning, and continue to work hard. changes on a daily basis may not be obvious or felt, but it will show up as significant growth in 10 years, so i'm adopting a longer term view. (japanese via piro66hj & chinese via 爱贤21度C)

"Read online that everyone's worried. Don't be, I feel that's not a big issue. It is also precisely because of that, so I am able to be here now for the Japan tour, right?"

Throughout, HJ made no direct mention of the drama nor say the name City Conquest. He'd only referred to it as 'that'. But we all know. HJ knows of our worries, and we know of his heart.

KHJ, "The next song is a new song."

everyone went, "Ay...?" and thought that HJ was gonna sing something he's not sung before.

Then HJ said, "Your story."

Fans all thought they were being teased and taken for a ride. When HJ saw everyone's reaction, he just stood there and laughed heartily by himself. Naughty oppa!

- "There are many upsetting things in life. It has been like this up until now, and will continue to be so in the future. But, just like this... everyone's here and I'm here; we respect one another and we also rely and seek solace from one another, so we will feel that even upsetting things are no big deal."
this is the complete version that a japanese fan has shared with me, and she said these words were the most touching to her.

Tweet from @lafone0606

An English trans of what Hyun Joong talked in Osaka

1/ An English Translation of what Hyun Joong talked on the 2nd day of Osaka:

Everyone faces difficulties sometimes in life.

In case I have such hard time in future even it may be tiny thing or something a bit difficult, if you and I respect and need each other, nothing will be so hard.

I know that having read the articles via internet, many of you worried about me.

But I think that it is not a big issue from my viewpoint. I would say that because of that, now I can have this Japan tour, right ?

So, I always think in a positive way, which, I believe, will bring me only luck (good news, good opportunities, and so on). In future as well, there is nothing except for this (live) what I can do. I will not do anything except for this. So I hope that you will watch myself in a long term.

Looking at the fan in the front row with the picture of Hyun Joong’s Debut, “Wanted” on the board, Hyun Joong asked the camera staff to that board to the audience on the screen. He said “Looking at this picture, I remembered that how young I was and fair-skinned. During the trainee, I was much skinned. “ He also added, “ Eight years have passed since the debut. I will work much harder than now. It may not be visible day by day, but you will be able to see the growth of myself in ten years. I hope that you will watch myself to grow in a long term. (namjachingu_khj: I think she meant he saw 'Warning')

2/ Hyun Joong's Message shown on the screen at the end of each Unlimited Live

In order to fulfill my dreams,

I think that I have been running through without any rest. Looking back the path I ran through till now, it was a long long way.

It seems that I had been looking just ahead of me.

However, I think that I have to walk the future path which I cannot see how it will be, looking around well with deliberate steps.

If you hold hands with me and walk together, I think that the road I walk from now on will be much refreshing one.

When I feel hard and tiresome, if you, who always believe in and love Kim Hyun Joong, will reach out your hands, I will never release them.

Shall we try to walk ? Slowly, without any hurry.

* During the talk session in Saitama, he said that he “cannot release your hands” ,in stead of “ I will never release your hands “ .

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