Friday, February 1, 2013

[Eng Subs] Park Jung Min Arabic Interview in KBS Radio

Yehey!! They finally subbed this guesting of Jung Min!! It's really interesting watching him being interviewed in a show because we are assured there are no dull moments. ^^ Especially with a cheerful person like Mal, he'll definitely brighten the entire show. ^^ I have lots of favorites scenes. To name a few, the time when he was trying to say the slogan of his life in Arabic language. Also the time when he was surprised that the letter is written in English. ^^ Then, when he figured out that it was a name of the fan and not a greeting. ^^ Another when he he saw the stuffed toy Tom. ^^ I really recommend to all of you to watch this show. Really a good one. ^^ 박정민 재미 있어요~ ^^

credits: SS501EVERYTHING@vimeo

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