Sunday, February 10, 2013

[Fancam] SS501 Members Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Hyung Jun playing in the soccer field 02.09.13

The one that I've been waiting for.... fancams!!!!! Yipeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled to watch every fancam shared on the internet. I so wanted to see them in action! Thanks so much for those who shared and let us see how happy they are together. 김현중 완전 웃겨 when he was scolding the fangirl doing the fancam but he was so cute at that! ^^ 김형준 너무 행복해 when he was playing with his hyung! ^^ Enjoy watching!!!!! ^^ 

*I will update this post once I found more fancams. Do check this from time to time.

'Aren't you filming too aggressively?' 'Do without my knowing instead'
(trans by howlovelylala)

Added another fancam and this time, it seems Hyung Jun lost in a game that's why he's getting punished! ^^ Laugh out loud when he acted like he was hurt seriously after getting hit by the ball! ㅋㅋㅋ I guess Leader Hyun Joong did not really aim the ball at Maknae Hyung Jun. ^^ Brotherly love is SS501! ♥

Here's another fancam from the said date. I'll keep adding fancams here if I've seen more.

Another fancam to enjoy! ^^ Upon watching this clip, I saw two adults being kids having fun! ^^

credits: thfldpf@yt + KHJYES86@yt +hyungjunthebest@yt + joyful860606@yt

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