Thursday, February 21, 2013

[Fancam] Park Jung Min singing SS501 songs 'Green Peas' and 'Bye Bye' at his Valentine's Event in Japan 02.14.13

I am so grateful for the uploader of this fancam. It seems security was very strict at that time since this is the only fancam I saw during that event, I was waiting for someone who would be able to show us a proof of him singing SS501 songs. So imagine my happiness the moment I saw and watched this! ^^ If I was there, I'd be probably screaming also the time I hear the first tune of the songs. ^^ I suddenly miss SS501. T_T 박정민 고마워~ 더블에스오공일 보고싶어~ 노래는 좋아요! ♥

credits: TheKesha1987@yt

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