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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyung Jun Interview at KSTAR News

I believe this interview was conducted last year. I can just imagine the laughs he made in between his statements. ㅋㅋㅋ I'll be inserting personal comments of mine. ^^ 김형준 웃겨~ ^^


Kim Hyung Jun Interview “I Love You” @ K STAR News 
credits: http://www.kstarnews.jp/report/1500004195/?view=summary
Eng Translation: http://ameblo.jp/music-highs-family/entry-11468663331.html

Q. "I Love You" original is comics. Have you read this comics?
A. I have not. But I watched this movie. This story is very popular story, also become movie and stage. I was very interesting. I wanted play it very much. So when this offer came, I have quickly consented.

Q. Common points of Kim Hyung Jun and Jung Min Chae?
A. Men. (laugh) And a point that don't show true feelings to others. I don't want to show too. (namjachingu_khj: awwww why not 막내?)

Q. Failure in the drink?
A. Yes, I have. Aren't you? When I drink, my feelings become big? I may end up talking the things that I have thought secret and I have wanted to say. Mouth not worse. Personality seems change a little. I have experience a loss after I confided true feelings. So recently I don't drink a lot.(laugh) (namjachingu_khj: Aha! So that's how you reveal secrets? ㅋㅋㅋ Want to have a drink? I'd like to know your secrets. ㅋㅋㅋ)
Q. Your ideal encounter?
A. I want to meet at workplace. Not a street. Same occupation or other? We are working hard each other, we meet by chance, will have a good impression. It is my ideal. I want that we have work each other if we marry. Because I like working woman.(namjachingu_khj: hmmmm... I guess a lot of Hyung Jun biased fans must be working very hard. ^^)

Q. There is a cooking scene in this drama. Do you cook? And are you strong in alcohol?
A. The drama has been filmed to look like I made. In practice, expert made. (laugh) But I can. At least ramen, fried eggs and fried rice... I think if I can afford the time, I want to learn to cook. For make a self-catering. And if I got lover, I want to cook for her. (namjachingu_khj: No offense 막내, but every time you mention about cooking, I'm reminded by the clip I've watched about you when you were preparing food for your hyungs in MBC 5Men 5Years DVD. ㅋㅋㅋ) About 2 Soju? I'm pretty drunk when I drink 2. But previously I have not been able to drink a bottle. About half bottle. I did not like alcohol smell of Soju, and did not feel formerly delicious. Now I'm able to understand a little bit, I came to like Soju than beer. Drinking alcohol, reddens the cheeks a little, feel better? I like atmosphere of alcohol place. If I drink about 2 Soju, I will be drunk fun. I'm weak in alcohol. (namjachingu_khj: I wonder what it looks like if you drink with Hyun Joong. ㅋㅋㅋ)

Q. You think 2 Soju is strong?
A. In Korea, 2 is normal. If you drink 4-5 Soju, they will say you are strong. (laugh) (namjachingu_khj: That's why Hyun Joong is considered as a strong drinker. ㅋㅋㅋ)

Q. You played with veteran actors like Lee Soon Jae in this drama. Please tell episodes.
A. First, Mr. Lee Soon Jae comes to shooting location before anyone else. Large senior like Mr. Lee Soon Jae was there early, I was really surprised. I was impressed from Mr. Lee Soon Jae. So I thought I have to work harder. Mr. Lee Soon Jae taught me acting. He also taught me the know-how in front of the camera. For me it was a good experience in every moment. I have really learned a lot till the date of the last meeting.

Q. There is a shower scene. Did you get in shape before the shooting?
A. I had trained. I stopped on the way to hear understudy. But understudy and I was too different body type. After all I trained until just before the shooting. (laugh) I start making body ago 1-2 months of movies and dramas. The previous drama, too. (namjachingu_khj: yes we all saw that... ^^)

Q. I ask in honor of the title of this drama. Do you love someone?
A. I want so. I want to find. Say honesty, I don't understand love yet. I don't know what should do when I could meet lover. Perhaps I should have life experience more. I want to meet a nice person. (namjachingu_khj: you will, in time. For someone so funny and cute and kind as you are, you definitely deserved to be loved. ^^)

Q. When is your first love?
A. I got lover at the first time about 5 years ago. Farewell is shame, but I have a lot of memories. These are good first love memories for me.

Q. Your ideal woman?
A. Well... I like all women. (laugh) (namjachingu_khj: Your hyungs will definitely agree too. ㅋㅋㅋ)  I like the feminine and homely person. A person who is bright, modest humble, kind and not mix business with is nice, than the type to just go out.

Q. Your drama challenge is the 2nd. I ask bluntly. Do you like either actor and singer?
A. Now I like actor. But of course I like both. Singer is commonplace to me. So I feel actor business is fun despite a singer.

Q. What's role you want in the future?
A. I have the image that face is beautiful and slender... Do you think so? I have changed much from before...? (laugh) Anyway there is no manly image, right? So conversely I want to play manly role or villains. For example, the role who is a good citizen during the day but become killer in night. I want to play the role who is not my image, and I want to give a different impression to people. (namjachingu_khj: Hmmmm that's a nice idea. I wonder what it will look like to see a cute Maknae being a villiain or the bad boy? That's a big challenge for him and I wish he could get that role. ^^)

Q. How is age play?
A. I think age play does not suit me. Even if I appeared, I play the role to die early? (laugh)

Q. I think you will not have much off days. What are you doing on off days?
A. Playing soccer. I formed the team FC Avengers. Head is me. There are very few celebrities. Acquaintances are main members. Many people want to join this team. But joining ceremony is once in 3 months. So they can not join until next year. (laugh) (namjachingu_khj: funny Hyung Jun. ㅋㅋㅋ) Also I'm learning the guiter. Only 2 days yet. I will let it next year. (laugh)
Q. You did the tour as singer in Japan. Fan reaction?
A. I felt it had been stable at last. Maybe they think "Kim Hyung Jun's concerts are fun". So there was not anxiety. I have become to understand to some extent the reaction of the fans, also the fans know my stages. We can enjoy feeling comfortable with each other, just like being home. I feel like I show in front of the family, in the living room. So many people come feel free.

Q. What would you like to do in 2013?
A. I'm shooting the movie now. I want that the movie which is published next year will be succeed. And I'm planning to appear in a lot of drama next year. I will act a lot as an actor. So rookie award at the end of the year... It is late. My goal is popular award etc.

Q. At last, highlight of "I Love You" ?
A. I want you watch feel free, relax. This is family drama. I think it is good you watch with family. While there are many dramas, if you're wondering please try it. I think you do not regret. This drama has many contents that will be deployed to every inning. From old person to child can enjoy watching in a wide range. Please watch this drama with your family.

We interviewed him for the first time. Striking eyes, frank and robust reply. He is very charming. Also he imitated Mr. Lee Soon Jae. It was very similar. We enjoyed. But he said, "I have never done in front of him because he may get angry". (laugh) We expect him more and more as a singer and an actor also in the future. Kim Hyung Jun HWAITING!!(mm)

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