Saturday, May 11, 2013

Article about fans of Kim Hyun Joong giving present to staff of 'Barefoot Friends'

This is just so touching. Kim Hyun Joong must be very proud to have fans like them. ^^ Way to go! ^^ Following the generosity of their idol. ^^ 김현중 팬 클럽 대박!


Kim Hyun Joong’s international fans gift the staff of ‘Barefoot Friends'

Kim Hyun Joong‘s fans from all over Asia gifted the staff members from his variety reality show, ‘Barefoot Friends‘!

The official Twitter account of SBS‘ posted the above photo and wrote, “Kim Hyun Joong’s fanclubs from 6 different countries gifted a surprise present to the staff o #BarefootFriends~ >_< The fans’ love was sent to the staff who were filming in Indonesia. Thanks to you, we felt strong~^^*”

Fanclubs from Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, China, and Thailand had gifted the staff members with sunblock and moisturizer while they were filming in the scorching heat of Indonesia. The PD said, “Thank you for thinking about the staff. We’re going to work hard to give back to the fans who came so far to visit us to give us strength during the hot weather.”

The episodes that were filmed in Indonesia will begin airing this Sunday on May 12.

credits: jennywill@allkpop


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