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Article about Heo Young Saeng talking about SS501 in his guesting in KBS 'Happy Together 3'

I wanted to watch this show so I'll know what he looks like while he's sharing this story. ^^ So it's gonna be shown tonight at 11:15pm KST. For those who would like to watch, you may click HERE then on the upper left corner, it says 'ON AIR' then choose the drop down and choose KBS2. Make sure you are registered on KBS so you can play and watch it. ^^  If ever I find other streaming links, I'll try to share it before 11:15pm KST.  Hope this gives clarity to those who doubt SS501. ^^ 허영생 고마워~ ^^ 더블에스오공일 만세!! ^^


SS501 want to reunite again like Shinhwa?

SS501‘s Heo Young Saeng gave hope to fans with his wish to possibly reunite like the longest-running idol group Shinhwa.

During a recent filming for KBS2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, Heo Young Saeng revealed he’s been thinking a lot about his group SS501 these days with the pending comeback of Shinhwa. He shared, “When I look at Shinhwa, who continues to gain popularity without breaking up over the past 15 years, it makes me reflect [on my own group].”

“After watching Shinhwa on ‘Win Win‘, I thought of my SS501 members and sent text messages to them. The other members were also watching that broadcast with the same heart,” revealing the members’ special bond that they’ve gained throughout their years together.

Is a possible reunion in store? Tune in to see what Heo Young has to say about SS501 on May 16 at 11:15 PM KST.

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I am inserting here @501wangja translated article. Hope she don't mind me sharing it here on my blog. ^^

[news] Heo Young Saeng "SS501, wish to be back together just like Shinhwa"

SS501 member Heo Young Saeng misses the days of doing activities as a group.

Heo Young Saeng in recent recording for Happy Together 3, expresses "Looking at 15 years never disband and constantly remain unchanged, Shinhwa who is making a comeback with high popularity, he reflected a lot".

This day, during the recording, after listening to stories of Shinhwa members' ultra manly fights and cool reconciles after that, Heo Young Saeng says "He felt regretful that SS501 never did these before, if they resumes group activities, would like to be like Shinhwa - creating different stories".

Also, looking at past episode of 'Win Win' that Shinhwa went on, he sent a message to the other members with his thoughts, other members also tuned in to the show with the same feelings, expressing their yearning to come back as a group SS501 no matter when will it be.

Source: 六感
Chi trans: 哎玛%40神话家族 + Eng trans: kelemama


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  3. Aww. Hope it's soon.. even though I just began to like them more... but after watching many of there videos ... I hope they'll come back soon . ...


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