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[Eng Translation] Cuts from 'Barefoot Friends' Episode 4 05.12.13

Huge thanks to @holovelylala for translating some cuts from the show. ^^ Cute Leader wanting to be a smart kid and suggested to have the money not equally but based on earnings. ㅋㅋㅋ And he immediately agreed when UEE said she changed her ideal type to Hyun Joong. Lols! The competitive streak Hyun Joong strikes once again in this episode! So excited for the translations. ^^ 김현중 완전 웃겨!!!!! ^___^

*Sharing to you one of my screencaps. ^^  김현중 왔어! ♥


【Video Trans】김현중맨발의친구들 #KHJBarefootfriends

KimHyunJoong made 30,000 Rp from the today's work and became a 'Gendong Hero' which wowed all the members. However KangHoDong only made 10,000 (only from carrying 5 baskets. *wait.. means HJ carried 15 baskets?).
YunJongShin said they earned the money in good-looking order! and suggested to praise the 'gendong hero' and add up all the money they earned. YunSiYun volunteered to manage the money.
But Kim Hyun Joong felt it was unfair to work harder but spend money equally. He suggested to spend what they earned lol.
YunJongShin said he knew HJ helped his friends run chicken restaurant (Jakksal Chicken lol), and he could do for 'Barefoot Friends' too.
KimHyunJoong answered, like what YuSeYun hyung said the previous day, they were not friendly each other yet. ROFL
YuSeYun "I think we became friendly.. almost" LOL

All of a sudden, all the members started flattering KimHyunJoong.
YunJongShing "I knew how to pronounce 'SS501' from their debute".
YuSeYun "We took shower together (〃▽〃)".
YuSiYun "I accepted BF's offer because of HJ"
But as soon as UEE said "I have changed my ideal type after seeing HJ at BF", KimHyunJoong shouted "Uee, call!" ROFL
YuSeYun tried once again, "for me, HJ is like a father" which made HJ burst into a laughter.
Finally HJ decided to add all the money up for the breakfast and keep 70,000 Rp (for a room pay?).
As soon as he finished the sentence KangHoDong took HJ's money. lol

Click the link for the video! ^^


credits: @howlovelylala

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