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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's talk time during UV's Concert 05.24.13

Huge thanks to howlovelylala for translating it. ^^ Leader still very funny, trying to put a joke about the show's ratings. ㅋㅋㅋ 농담 김현중~ ^^ So.... what can you say about their talk regarding UEE? 나는? 그냥.... 그냥! 그냥! 그냥! ㅎㅎㅎ


KHJ "Hi, Nice to meet you, I am Kim Hyun Joong."
YSY "I am very thankful for him to have decided be a guest for UV concert even before I asked him."
(the audience acclaimed)
KHJ "I wanted to join UV concert, and like this..."
(some fans kept shouting 'gendong!!')
KHJ joked, "Yes, I have done gendong." (laughing)
KHK "I like UV's songs a lot. When I am home, I listen to the song kinda 'Incheon Grand Park'."
YSY "What the 'kinda 'Incheon Grand Park'"?
(laughing altogether)
KHJ corrected "I like listening to the song, 'Incheon Grand Park', and finally fullfill my wish today to join as a guest"
YSY "A lot of KHJ ssi's fans came here today, and it's great they are all responsive and enthusiastic together with UV's fans."
YSY "Are you guys watching BF?"
(the audience : YES!!!)
YSY "You got to watch it.."
(laughing altogether)
KHJ joked "Here we have 3% of Korean together" (*you know what BF's lowest rating was...keke)
(laughing altogether)
YSY "Even if the ratings are not so good, It was quite difficult to film. Only a small part of the whole has been aired, but it was stressfull for us (to film). I became friends with HJ while we shared difficulties for 4N5D or 2N3D's overseas filming schedules."
"I found there was a reason HJ got a lot of fans. WOW, he's a true man."
(the audience : Yes he is!!) (some fan shouted 'gendong'!)
"Sometimes I was misunderstood if I liked a male because I praised of HJ too much. I would say HJ is that much cool even from a guys point of view."
(the audience : That's right~!)
YSY "So, what can I pay with for today's apprearance?"
KHJ "I've already recieved" "I have at that time"
YSY "oh that?" "Can I reveal 'that'?"
KHJ "Yeah you can"
(laughing altogether)
YSY "When we were filming BF, I took some photos of UEE, and he asked to show the photos instead of the appearance fee"
YSY talked to HJ, "I have stronger ones"
KHJ "(show me) little by little"
YSY "alright"
YSY "KHJ ssi, are you gonna sing more song today?"
KHJ "Yes, I'd like to ask you to keep loving UV.."
(the audience : Please show the gendong dance!!!) (Gendong dance!!)
(KHJ and YSY showed gendong dance LOL)
KHJ "Yes, I'd like to ask you to more love"
YSY "I will visit KHJ ssi's concert even if I can't be invited as a guest."
(the audience : Plz come!)
YSY "Yes, I will!"
YSY "Please give KHJ ssi a big hand once more!"
(KHJ, turned around and wore sunglasses.)
I took dictation from the fancam taken by KingHyunjoong (@pink_floccus)

credits: @howlovelylala + KingHyunJoong@yt

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