Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SS501's Heo Young Saeng possible to enlist this November 2013

This is the second news that shocked me. To be honest, I was at work when one of my Triple S friends sent me a text message with this information. And my reaction was blank for a moment, then suddenly I felt I was gonna cry. Yes, I know it is required and he even mentioned about it already last year that he plans to enlist this year. But I guess you'll never be prepared if it's bad news. Whatever approach you do, the end result would still be the same. T_T He's not my first bias, but just like Kyu Jong's announcement for his enlistment, I really felt bad and sad. Another member is gonna be in hiatus for 2 years. T_T I was brought back again to the time that Kyu Jong announced his enlistment. I'm starting to question AGAIN why is it necessary for Korean men to enlist in the military? Other countries does not have such law. But why Korea???? I feel so sad about it. What if it's already Hyun Joong enlisting? What will I do for the 2 years he will be there? So many things came up on my mind. Sorry for the long comment, I just can't help it. I hope all Young Saeng bias be comforted today. T_T 내가 무슨 말을 해야할지하지 않습니다 허영생씨. T_T 내가 원하는 울다.T_T


SS501's Heo Young Saeng likely to enlist this November!

SS501's Heo Young Saeng is planning to enlist for his mandatory military service this November!

This would make him the second SS501 member to enlist following Kim Kyu Jong, who started his service in July of last year.

A rep from B2M Entertainment said, "It seems that Heo Young Saeng has decided to enlist by the end of this year. If he receives a draft notice, he will not delay it and plans to perform his duty to the country."

After a health checkup, Heo Young Saeng was found to be fit for active duty by the Office of Military Manpower Administration.

Detailed information about his exact enlistment date and training location have yet to be decided.

credits: elliefilet@allkpop


  1. I would sing the same chorus with you if hyun joong enlists. Any news of him has kept me sane and entertained while I am here in another country suffering from loneliness. What will i do? Otoke otoke?

    May YS fans find strength to see through the 2 years.

  2. What ???!!!! NO way !!!! i am a YS fan i dont want to see him leave :(( i will cry so hard and sad :(( .... but then its for the best and the faster he do it the sooner he could come back.... but i don't want to see him go imma miss him so bad.... I'm already starting to get sad :( ..... since its mandatory military in korea we can't help it but wait for him patiently to come back ...like how we are waiting for kyu jung.....

    ( side story :funny thing when i was reading this the navy/military called me if I'm interested in joining lol.... sorry I'm not interested in joining )

  3. yes..young saeng biased totally in mental breakdown now.. that is what i can say... i can't even concentrate, can i?

  4. Don't be sad, after YS enlists end of this year, you can look forward to KY coming back in a few month's time... time flies. I'm sure YS will be like KY poping up every now and then to let us know of his well being. The sooner the members enlist, the sooner the reunion... think positive...
    I play all the SS501 songs on a daily basis, so I can't say I missed their voices... just thankful that my colleagues didn't complain that it's driving them crazy, hehehe.

  5. sorry it should be KJ instead of KY.

  6. @namjachingukhj please tell me about any project for Young Saeng enlistment and his birthday..

    1. as of the moment no projects yet. But once I've seen any announcement, I will inform you as as soon as possible. ^^


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