Monday, May 13, 2013

Official Notice of KeyEast regarding Kim Hyun Joong's Birthday Fanmeeting on June 8, 2013

Somehow I feel envious to the fans who would be able to attend on this event. T_T If only I could attend too, I'd definitely would. For sure there are a lot of surprises in store for everyone who will be there. And did you notice how they alloted seats for Japan? It's almost half of the venue. Lucky fans. ^^ 김현중 축하해! ^^


현중:: [NOTICE] June 8 Birthday Fanmeeting 『2013 KHJ SHOW ‘Party People’』 - Show Details, Reservation Details, Seat Plan
Please refer to the notice on HENECIA Korea site for concrete details for all other information such as the Interpark's english site will only be available for ordinary public booking, and also fanclub authentication/certification steps so as to facilitate smoother reservation once it is open - in Korean and English translations.

<Show Details>

Show name : 2013 KHJ SHOW “Party People”

What : A birthday party celebration cum fanmeeting event with live performances too

When : June 8, 2013 (Sat), 7:00 PM

Where : Korea University, Hwajung Gymnasium, Seoul

Ticket : 66,000 won

Fanclub Pre-sale booking: PINK
Ordinary Public booking: GREEN
Japan Package Tour: SKY BLUE

 <Pre-sale/Reservation and Booking Details>

Fanclub Pre-sale

Fanclub Reservation : May 15 (Wed), 8:00 PM ~ May 16 (Thurs), 5:00 PM

Fanclub Authentication/Certification (to prove you are a member) : May 15 (Wed), 5:00 PM ~ May 16 (Thurs), 5:00 PM

Reservation at where : Interpark (http://ticket.interpark.com)

Ordinary Public

Ordinary Public Reservation : May 16 (Thurs), 8:00 PM

Reservation at where : Interpark (http://ticket.interpark.com)

※ Tickets Delivery : May 22 (Wed)
※ Ticketing Hotline Enquiry : 1544-1555 

credits: http://ss501ode.blogspot.com/2013/05/13-hyunjoong-bday-fanmeeting-june-8-show-presale-details-seat-plan.html?spref=tw

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