Thursday, May 23, 2013

Article about SS501's Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun's get together

I am so happy that their reunion made it to the news. ^^ Take note, it's 3 of them this time that their story is making it to the news article. What more if it's already 5 of them? Can't help but smile just by thinking about it. ^____________^  김현중 허영생 김규종 박정민 김형준 컴백무대 빨리와~!!!!! ^^


 SS501's Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun, and Park Jung Min get together for a night out

Three members of SS501 recently got together for a night out on the town.

Kim Kyu Jong tweeted two photos of himself, Kim Hyung Jun, and Park Jung Min getting together to enjoy a nice meal. He wrote, "Daebak!! Hyung Jun bought us food at Jung Min's store!! How... Surprising... How long has it been since Hyung Jun bought us food... ㅠ hehehehe. Next time, we'll call the hyungs too. ♥ Jjunie is the best hehe".

He also added, "Love ya !! Yoohoo~ My lovely kids~~♥".

Kim Hyung Jun shared a photo of his own and tweeted, "Right before coming together as 501. Coming soon~! Brace yourself~! Cross~!!"

Hyung Jun's tweet seems to indicate that SS501 does really have plans for a comeback in store! Do you think it's still too early to get our hopes up for seeing the boys together on stage again?

credits: pkdance@allkpop

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