Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong expressed his anger in the show 'Barefoot Friends'?

I'm leaving a question mark on my title because I'm not certain if he was joking or not. Well, honestly, anyone who's tired but is still asked to work until late at night might loose his temper. I feel for him since he worked hard in the morning but got lost during the afternoon game which made him the one to do the hard labor late at night. So you better watch tomorrow's episode so we can see that. 김현중 화이팅!!


【En Trans NEWS #KHJBarefootFriends EP5 】 Barefoot Friends, Kim Hyun Joong exploded with anger. What's the behind story he threw his hat into the ground!? 

Hard labors made Kim Hyun Joong explode.

Up coming episode of 'BF' which will be aired on 19th, will reveal how the members solved their 1st mission, 'live like ordinary Indonesia people for 24 hours'.

Kim Hyun Joong earned the most amount of money from the work called 'gendong' which was carrying heavy fruit baskets. It is said he did most 'gendong' (among the members) to even called as 'Indonesian rich person's face .

Kim Hyun Joong had to earn the money for accommodation and meals but his work has never finished until late at night.

When Kang Ho Dong and Yun Jong Shin even shined up to Kim Hyun Joong like "You are still good looking whatever you do!" in order to put him to work continually, Kim Hyun Joong sprinkled water on himself acting like losing his mind, and finally threw his hat into the ground which made all the members burst out laughing.


credits: @OnlyKHJtimes

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