Sunday, October 27, 2013

[Fancam] Talk Time with SS501 at Heo Young Saeng's '0513 My Story' Concert 10.26.13

Though short, but the best part is... all  of them together, and they even said their cheer for Young Saeng!! Love that part, and also when they said '지금까지 더블에스 오공일 이있십니다! 감사합니다!' was really awesome!! I miss hearing that from them. ^^ 고마워 김현중 허영생 김규종 박정민 김형준!!

*Adding one more fancam that shows a different angle and a longer version.^^ Enjoy!

credits: Ilovehyun Triples@yt + RaisondetreSS501@yt

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  1. love it...they still close to each other...really hope someday they will come out with ss501 concert....


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