Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Media Photos of Park Jung Min attending the VIP Premiere of '연애의 기술' 10.23.13

Today, our sexy charisma has come out to attend the VIP Premiere of '연애의 기술'. I like the right side of his hair, but the left side of his hair.... hmmmm... 어디야 누나스타일리스트? ㅋㅋㅋ 아니 솔직히, 머리를 싫어요. 미안해 박정민씨. 화 내지 않는다. ^^

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  1. Did JM cut/change his hair style? Hair still so long...
    He seems to have a rounder face, put on weight? ... or was it due to his makeup.

    I've got mixed feeling, happy that all 5 will be on stage together and sad that YS will disappear from our radar for 2 years.... sign....

    1. I can't see clearly either if he already cut it or just changed the style. o.O But I prefer shorter. ^^

      Yeah me too. Mixed emotions. Let's just wait until Saturday came. ^^ Thanks for always helping me out here on my blog. ^^


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