Saturday, October 26, 2013

[Fanpic] SS501 Reunites at Heo Young Saeng's '0513 My Story' Concert 10.26.13

This is what I'm talking about earlier! Our boys reuniting in one stage! Despite all the critics and negative comments being thrown at them, still they proved they are still together as one! They even introduced themselves like they were doing it before! ^^ I am so happy and was crying at the same time because it was worth the wait! I missed them badly!! But I have always believed in them. I have faith that whatever happens, they will come back as one! And it happened tonight! ^^ 고마워요 김현중 허영생 김규종 박정민 김형준!! 더블에스오공일 만세!!

*I'm gonna share to you some updates I did in twitter. ^^ I will only write the part where SS501 was on stage. ^^ These are all because of live streaming audio and some info's from fans who attended the concert. Please put proper credits when reposting!

Time is in KST!
 8:46 - Now it's 'Thank You'. Leader's song sung by Heo Young Saeng!!
8:50 -  @reena2_9 Leader on stage singing Thank You with Young Saeng!!
8:52 - @reena2_9 Young Saeng left Hyun Joong alone on stage..
 @reena2_9 You know how artiste will invite junior to help sing at concert while they change? Young Saeng invite Hyun Joong to do it
8:58 - Now it's U R Man!!
9:00 - @reena2_9 Hyung Jun on stage with Young Saeng!!! #YSMyStory0513
9:02 - Now they are singing 'Because I'm Stupid'
9:05 - @reena2_9 Jung Min, Young Saeng, Hyung Jun singing Cuz I'm Stupid together!! #YSMyStory0513
@reena2_9 Jung Min introduce himself as 'SS501 sexy charisma Park Jung Min' and Hyung Jun's laughter #YSMyStory0513
9:07 - Green Peas!!! they are about to sing Green Peas!
9:09 - @reena2_9 Pea Princess now!! All 4 on stage except Kyu Jong..
@reena2_9 There's Kyu Jong's singing too!!!! But he's not on stage. I guess it's cause he's in military #YSMyStory0513
9:12 - @reena2_9 All 5 on stage!!
they are introducing themselves one by one like the old times!!
9:15 - they are singing in acapella!!! In the Still of the Night!!
9:23 - @reena2_91: Hyung Jun ask Jung Min to cut his hair.. #YSMyStory0513
9:24 - @alisongan1103 Kyujong tearing!!!! So sweet! #SS501Reunion #YSMyStory0513
9:26 - @alisongan1103 "Double S mansae! Heo Young Saeng mansae" then they did their goodbye greeting which we all miss so much! #YSMyStory0513

credits: @chungba501 + @Annhaez + @loving_khj + @neriebash + @Rosemary1202 + http://weibo.com/u/2363447340?sudaref=t.co

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